How do you compliment a manly man?

Compliments for Him about His Looks
  1. You are so handsome.
  2. You have a great sense of style.
  3. I love to watch you move.
  4. Just looking at you makes me smile.
  5. When I look into your eyes, I see intelligence, humor, and kindness.
  6. You smell fantastic.
  7. Your smile is my favorite thing.
  8. Don’t rush to shave on my account.

How do you call a guy attractive?

  1. attractive.
  2. beautiful.
  3. clean-cut.
  4. dapper.
  5. elegant.
  6. good-looking.
  7. graceful.
  8. lovely.

How to flatter a guy?

Think about complimenting that nature, including:
  1. You’re really funny.
  2. I really appreciate how kind you are.
  3. I really think you understand me.
  4. I’m really impressed with how calm you are in difficult situations.
  5. You’re really great at active listening.
  6. I appreciate that you always take time for me.

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What do you say to a guy when he looks hot?

How to Tell a Guy He’s Handsome over Text
  • 1 “Good morning, handsome.”
  • 2 “You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever known.”
  • 3 “I miss your handsome face.”
  • 4 “You looked so good today.”
  • 5 “You look so handsome in that picture!”
  • 6 “Send me a selfie.”
  • 7 “We’re a pretty good-looking couple.”

How do you compliment a flirty guy?

204 Compliments For Guys
  1. Your scent always attracts me towards you.
  2. You have impeccable communication skills.
  3. I like your hair.
  4. You have an undisputed style that never fails to impress.
  5. Your eyes are so expressive.
  6. I cannot remember even a single day when you were not dressed right.

How do you praise someone hotness?

Pulchritudinous= Pretty

But, aren’t you tired of hearing the same terms, such as, cute, pretty, lovely? Here’s a list of words you can use to appreciate someone’s beauty, while leaving an impression of yours too (*winks): Stunning.

How do you describe a hot guy?

He’s good looking, handsome, easy on the eyes, eye-candy, arm-candy, appealing, dapper, suave, fair, fine.

Can you call a man gorgeous?

Simply: Yes. – It is perfectly acceptable to use gorgeous to informally describe anyone you perceive as highly attractive.

How do you say handsome in slang?

YouTube video

What describes a handsome man?

having an attractive, well-proportioned, and imposing appearance suggestive of health and strength; good-looking. a handsome man. a handsome woman.

What is a unique way to say handsome?

What is another word for handsome?

How do you describe a perfect man?

A man who is kind, considerate and respectful. Intelligent, humble yet confident in his abilities. Enjoys playful banter and has a good sense of humor.

How do you say you’re handsome?

Delightful Handsome I think you are very attractive think you’re good-looking Appealing Grand Charming Pretty Splendid Graceful You look drop dead gorgeous.

What can I say instead of you’re hot?

  • Fit ​(not used in the US) The main meaning of ​’fit’​is that the person is healthy and exercises a lot, but it has also come to mean attractive, and especially someone with a nice body. Wow, that guy standing at the bar is so ​fit​!
  • Foxy. Think of the Jimi Hendrix song “​Foxy Lady​.
  • Gorgeous.
  • Hot.
  • Ravishing.
  • Stunning.

What compliments do guys like?

Compliments that show that you respect him

You’re a good man. – I’m proud of you. – I have so much respect for you. – You become a better version of yourself every time I see you.

What words do guys like to hear?

21 Sweet Nothings He Needs to Hear
  • of 21. “I’m so lucky to have you”
  • of 21. “I appreciate all you do for me”
  • of 21. “You’re a great father”
  • of 21. “You look buff”
  • of 21. “I’m listening”
  • of 21. “I’m sorry”
  • of 21. “Your friends are fun”
  • of 21. “Good morning.

What do men like to be called?

Men like being complimented on their appearance, as well as their personality. Nicknames are a great way to express affection and familiarity. “Cutie” or Good-looking” are great nicknames when flirting, while names like “Babe” or “Honey” are better for committed relationships.

How do you make a guy blush with compliments?

Give him an unusual compliment.

If you know him well, then compliment a strong, positive personality trait. Say something about how confident, kind, or humorous he is. Compliments are a great way to make someone feel self-conscious and lead to blushing, but in a positive way.

How do I make him feel attractive?

10 Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Attractive
  1. Come onto him. “You know I love you and I’m attracted to you, but can we skip sex?
  2. Talk him up in front of other people.
  3. Let him catch you looking at him.
  4. Cop a feel.
  5. Just say it.
  6. Kiss him like you mean it.
  7. Take him shopping.
  8. Buy a gift for yourself that’s actually for him.

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