How do you take care of Calathea pink stripes?

Calatheas are tropical plants so they love humidity. Keep the soil lightly moist at all times, and water when the soil starts to dry out. They don’t like completely dry soil, so make sure you water it before it gets to this point! Don’t overwater your calathea, though.

Is Calathea a good indoor plant?

It is a type of plant that prefers indirect lighting, which means makes it perfect for indoor usage and office buildings. Calathea plants are popular for indoor purposes because they are generally easy to care for and they look great, offering bright green plants to liven up indoor spaces.

How much light does a pinstripe Calathea need?

Pinstripe calathea will thrive best in medium, indirect light. It can also adapt to low, indirect light but be careful of direct sun which will cause this plant a great deal of stress. A little direct sun in the morning is well tolerated, but avoid hot midday or afternoon sun exposure.

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Should I mist my calathea?

A Native of Brazil, the Calathea appreciates a humid environment which can be difficult to create in indoor spaces. So plan on misting your Calathea regularly (once a week is ideal) to ensure it receives the moisture it craves.

Where should I place my calathea?

Where to grow calathea. Calatheas do best in bright, indirect light but will tolerate a bit of shade. Avoid direct sunlight, as this will scorch the leaves, and keep away from draughts. Provide a minimum temperature of 15°C and avoid rooms with regular temperature fluctuations.

Do calatheas need deep pots?

A container that’s 8 to 10 inches across and deep should work well for a calathea plant. Make sure it has ample drainage holes. In addition, unglazed clay can be a good material to allow excess soil moisture to evaporate through its walls if you have a tendency to overwater.

How do I make my calathea happy?

Calathea enjoys moist soil—but not wet soil. Try a mix of 50 percent potting soil, 20 percent orchid bark, 20 percent charcoal, and 10 percent perlite. They also dislike being dried out. Every few days, stick a finger in the soil to see if the medium feels dry.

Do you water calathea from top or bottom?

  • Fill the plant tray with water.
  • Make sure the soil is in contact with the water on the tray.
  • Wait for about 10 minutes.
  • Feel the soil to see if it absorbed enough water —> if the soil is moist throughout, remove any excess water from the tray.
  • If it’s still dry —> add more water to the tray.

What happens if you water Calathea with tap water?

Tap water with fluoride and other additives will cause ugly, crispy, brown leaf edges on your Calathea plants.

Can I water my Calathea with tap water?

Also important – do not use tap water when watering Calatheas – especially here in San Diego! The best water to use is distilled water, but filtered or rainwater will work as well. Tap water can contain minerals and cleaning chemicals used by water treatment facilities that can harm houseplants, especially Calathea.

Is coffee grounds good for Calathea?

Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen which can be beneficial in supporting foliage growth of a houseplant. Coffee grounds are also acidic and calatheas like slightly acidic soil.

Can I use Miracle Grow on Calathea?

Selecting Soil for Calathea

Consider a commercial potting mix containing coconut coir or charcoal; both allow water to run through yet absorb enough to stay moist so calathea roots won’t dry out. A suitable mix, such as Miracle-Gro’s Indoor Potting Mix (available on Amazon), will provide a light, well-draining soil.

Can I use leftover coffee to water plants?

You know that last bit of coffee that always seems to be left in the carafe? Don’t just pour it down the drain — you can use it to fertilize your plants, both indoor and outdoor. Coffee grounds (and brewed coffee) are a source of nitrogen for plants, producing healthy green growth and strong stems.

When should I repot my Calathea?

It is a good idea to repot your calathea once every year or every other year to give it fresh soil and nutrients.

How to repot the Calathea

  1. When to repot – Once a year or every other year.
  2. Pot sizing – if you want your plant to grow wider, find a nursery pot that’s 2” in diameter larger than the current pot.

What kind of pots do Calatheas like?

You can use ceramic, plastic or terracotta pots. There must be holes in the pot: for air movement, the roots also need good air movement to guard from root rot, and. for drainage, allowing waste water to leave the pot when watering.

Can I wipe my Calathea leaves?

Maintenance: Groom your calathea plant regularly to keep it looking beautiful. Wipe any dust off the leaves with a clean, damp cloth. Mist the leaves to ensure that all sides of the plants receive humidity and moisture.

Do Calatheas like tight pots?

Calatheas do not like to be rootbound and will grow best when they have space to grow and thrive. Keeping them in a pot that is too small will restrict their growth.

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