What company owns The Simpsons?

The Walt Disney Company

Why are The Simpsons yellow?

The Simpsons are yellow because original creator Matt Groening wanted them to be eye-catching, and yellow is the most eye-catching color. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Groening knew he needed an eye-catching design to pull in potential viewers as they flipped through the television channels.

When did The Simpsons end?

Matt Groening, (born February 15, 1954, Portland, Oregon, U.S.), American cartoonist and animator who created the comic strip Life in Hell (1980–2012) and the television series The Simpsons (1989– ) and Futurama (1999–2003, 2010–13).

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How long will it take to watch all of The Simpsons?

The series was first broadcast on television on Fox on 17 December 1989. Since then, 31 seasons of the series have been broadcast. If you want to binge watch all 673 episodes in one marathon session, you would have to plan for about 247 hours away from the real world.

Do people still like The Simpsons?

The Simpsons has been publicly criticized for declining quality for years, but plenty of people are still watching the Fox series every day.

Is The Simpsons still running 2022?

The thirty-third season of the American animated television series The Simpsons premiered on Fox on September 26, 2021 and ended on May 22, 2022.

Will The Simpsons end at 1000 episodes?

“The Simpsons” aired its 700th episode earlier this year, and Jean says he would be happy to keep the show going until it reaches 1,000 episodes — a feat which would not occur until 2033.

Is The Simpsons officially over?

“The simpsons” is a long-running American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for The Tracey Ullman Show on the Fox network. It premiered onDecember 17, 1989 and ended on May 22, 2022 after nine seasons and 728 episodes.

Did The Simpsons show end?

The Simpsons has been renewed through season 34, keeping it on the air until at least 2023. But Jean previously told Variety he’s not sure how much longer the show will last. “We’re going to definitely do 757 [episodes],” he said in March. “I wouldn’t say that’s the end but I don’t know how much further we can go.”

How old is Bart Simpson?

Bart Simpson / Age

Why doesn’t The Simpsons get Cancelled?

Why won’t The Simpsons end? Nothing lasts forever, and everything will eventually end. The reason that The Simpsons is still on the air is because it’s still one of Fox’s highest-rated shows every week.

Will The Simpsons ever age?

They do age. Naturally they don’t age as the years/seasons progress in real time. They’re shown as their younger or older selves as the episode plot demands, but all the residents of Springfield are capable of aging.

Is Marge older than Homer?

While the kids have remained the same age throughout the series, Marge’s age has been revealed as between 34 and 40 and Homer’s between 36 and 40. So Bart would be 36, Lisa would be 34, Maggie would be 27, Marge would be between 60 and 66 and Homer would be between 62 and 66.

How much older is Bart than Lisa?

10/11 Lisa Simpson

Her beliefs are what led her to become a vegetarian. Lisa is born 2 years after Bart, in 1981, placing her at 8 years old throughout the series.

What grade is Bart Simpson in?

The Fourth Grade at Springfield Elementary School is Bart Simpson’s class. It was taught by Ms. Krabappel (until Season 25 episode, “The Man Who Grew Too Much”, due to the death of Marcia Wallace).

What IQ is Homer?

Homer has a low IQ of 55, which would actually make him unable to speak or perform basic tasks, and has variously been attributed to the hereditary “Simpson Gene” (which eventually causes every male member of the family to become incredibly stupid), his alcohol problem, exposure to radioactive waste, repetitive cranial

What is Lisa Simpson IQ?

Lisa is the most intellectual member of the Simpson family (she has an IQ of 159), and many episodes of the series focus on her fighting for various causes.

Does Bart have ADHD?

He wrote that Bart is normally “not particularly overactive or distractible”, and that the writers “trie[d] to make [Bart] seem more hyper than normal”. He concluded by saying that “Bart’s a behavior problem but not ADHD.”

Who did Bart get pregnant?

Even though the spell was meant for a stomachache, Bart receives some startling news that his teacher is pregnant. Ralph announces that Bart got the art teacher pregnant. The student body, including Lisa, is in disbelief until Milhouse came up with the same announcement.

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