What is Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast?

Cogsworth. Cogsworth is the Beast’s tightly wound and extremely loyal Majordomo, and Lumière’s counterpart and rival. When the Enchantress curses the Beast, he is transformed into a pendulum clock.

Who does Cogsworth end up with?

Cogsworth’s first name is revealed to be Henry. He is also revealed to be married to a fishwife named Clothilde. At the end of the film, he is reunited with Clothilde (much to his dismay), who, along with the other villagers, had lost her memory of him and the other servants in the Beast’s castle.

What kind of character is Cogsworth?

Cogsworth naturally has a serious demeanor which is evident in his strict attitude in serving the Beast and ordering the other servants around constantly. However, Cogsworth does mean well and is as good-natured as Lumière is. He is Lumière’s best friend and also a rival of sorts.

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What is the meaning of Cogsworth?

Cogsworth is a supporting character in Disney’s 1991 animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. He is the Beast’s strict, yet loyal majordomo who was turned into an enchanted pendulum clock, due to the Enchantress’ curse.

What is Cogsworth accent?

COGSWORTH: Cogsworth is a tightly-wound, enchanted mantle clock and the head of the Beast’s household. He is a stuffy English man who loves perfection. This character speaks with a British accent.

Does Emma Watson have a British accent in Beauty and the Beast?

Yep, that’s Watson and her British accent, all right. The snippet was first shared on Instagram by a Beauty and the Beast fan who recorded the audio from a Hasbro Belle doll in a toy store.

What is Mrs. Potts accent?

Potts was inspired by a cook with a Cockney accent she knew. 6.

What accent does Mirage have?

Mirage’s voice strongly suggests a Central American or European accent.

What is Seer’s accent?

Seer: Iké Amadi

Iké is a Nigerian voice actor pushing Seer’s African background through an authentic African accent. Mortal Kombat 11 players may recognize his voice as he played Shao Kahn and Cyrax.

Is Mirage and wraith a thing?

According to the canon, they are best friends, in which Wraith plays the role of the serious and cold person who acts reasonable, and Mirage is the funny person who always has a joke to tell.

What is Lifeline’s nationality?

This isn’t a review of the game but more so a take on how I view Lifeline as a first generation Jamaican American. Lifeline, Ajay Che is a great character, she’s just as important as the rest, a bit op (overpowered), and it is easy to tell that she wasn’t just thrown in there to yell diversity and inclusion.

Is Loba black?

She was introduced in the 5th season of battle pass. Loba is both Portuguese and Spanish for she wolf. She is of Brazilian descent as hinted by banner frames, music theme influence, and conceptualization.

What race is Seer?

Seer’s full name is Obi Edolasim. Respawn has also confirmed he is Igbo, an ethnic group largely concentrated in Nigeria, but also other African countries, in the real world.

What gender is Wraith?


Is Wraith a virgin?

Despite the Wraith’s hideous appearance, women cannot resist him out of pure pity. The Wraith instantly loses his virginity upon returning back to it’s hometown, despite it’s reluctance to do so.

Who wattson apex dating?


Since Season 5, Wattson and Crypto’s growing relationship was documented in their in-game voice interactions.

Is Wraith mentally ill?

Wraith Has A Mental Illness

Fans may also be interested to learn that Wraith has a mental illness, possibly schizophrenia with auditory hallucinations, that landed her in an IMC-ran mental institution.

What mental illnesses does Rafe have?

But since then, Rafe, 53, has lived with bipolar and schizoaffective disorder, a difficult journey compounded by profound failures in the system charged with caring for him and many others who live with mental illness. Listen to Rafe on the Projo’s podcast here.

What gender is lifeline?


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