What is the difference between original beauty blender and pro?

The Pro black Beautyblender feels less dense but more porous and even less latexy, softer, by a hair’s breadth. As a result, you get the feeling that it absorbs more liquid product than the Pink.

Is there a difference between beauty blenders?

The wedge shaped beauty blender is similar to that of the sphere shaped beauty blender, in many ways. But the key difference between the two, is obviously, the shape. The wedge shaped beauty blender is flat, which makes the application of makeup even and smoother than the end result of the sphere shaped beauty blender.

Which beauty blender shape is best?

The classic teardrop or oval-shaped makeup sponge is still the most reliable tool used by makeup artists, bloggers and makeup enthusiasts in general. And for all the right reasons, it applies a seamless coat of liquid, gel, and cream formulas leaving skin perfectly flawless.

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Are original Beautyblenders worth it?

The reason the beautyblender is worth the price tag is that it’s completely unique,” says Murdick. “The texture makes it so that as you apply your makeup, it’s simultaneously blending so you get a super seamless look to your makeup that you just can’t get with other sponges or foundation brushes.”

How do I choose a beauty blender sponge?

If you want a photo-worthy finish you should be looking for a beauty sponge that is egg-shaped. The egg shape allows you to use the larger portion for application to the basic areas of your face (cheeks, forehead, etc.). The smaller tapered end is used to blend foundation into the areas that are harder to reach.

Which shape sponge is best for foundation?

The silicone sponge is most commonly flat with rounded edges and is used to apply liquid or cream foundations only.

Why are there different shaped Beautyblenders?

The broad rounded side of the sponge is great for basic application of foundation and bronzer. The tapered end is for detailing and the flat side is great for contouring with creamy products,” says Ciucci.

Which beauty blender Colour is best?

I personally like the original pink sponge the best. It provides seamless coverage and has the most “bounce.” One of the most noticeable differences with the pink beautyblender is that the pink dye runs from the sponge when you wash it. Years ago, I attended a session with beautyblender founder, Rea Ann Silva.

Is it better to use a dry or wet beauty blender?

A Beautyblender should always be used damp to ensure it blends seamlessly,” Lottie notes. That’s why the golden rule of Beautyblenders is wet, squeeze, bounce. The Beautyblender is hydrophilic, meaning it’s actually designed to absorb water. When it’s wet, it’s too full to absorb your foundation, too.

Is it better to apply foundation with fingers or sponge?

Fingers are best for a quick and natural application; sponges are good for achieving a flawless finish; and brushes are ideal for full coverage. And sometimes, a little mixing and matching can go a long way.

Do you wash a beauty blender after every use?

We recommend cleaning your blender after every use to keep both your face and blender in prime condition. All makeup tools are susceptible to harboring bacteria and oil. A dirty brush or blender can cause breakouts, irritation, illness, bad application, and damaged brushes.

Should I wash my beauty blender everyday?

How Often to Clean a Beauty Blender. If you use a beauty blender to apply your makeup, ideally they should be cleaned after every use. That’s probably not realistic during a hurried morning routine, so aim for cleaning at least weekly. This will remove the makeup, grime, oils, and bacteria that can harbor in the foam.

Can bacteria grow in Beautyblender?

Enterobacteriaceae were also detected in all product types, with particularly high prevalence in the beauty blenders (26.58%),” the researchers write in their study paper. Beauty blenders also had the highest rate of contamination with fungi, at 56.96%.

How many months should I use a Beautyblender?

Typically, Beautyblenders last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on how well you take care of it. A good way to think of it is by season. Once the weather changes and a new season comes in, give your sponge a check-up.

What happens if you don’t wet your Beautyblender?

When wet, the sponge absorbs only a small amount of product. “One of the reasons we always say you need to wet your blender is because water causes the sponge to swell and it ensures your makeup won’t be absorbed which results in less makeup waste,” the brand said in a photo caption on Instagram.

Why you shouldn’t use a Beautyblender?

The sponges become filled with skin cells and bacteria can overgrow in that area.” And that overgrowth — if unnoticed — can irritate skin and blemishes, if you have them.

Do you wash Beautyblenders with warm or cold water?

Use warm water. Cold water won’t be as effective or gentle on the sponge. Hot water will be too hot on your hands as you’re cleaning. If you want to sanitize your beauty blender, pour some boiling water into a cup and submerge your beauty blender in the water for a few minutes.

What goes on first foundation or concealer?

Applying foundation first creates an even base to reduce overall redness, discoloration and minor blemishes. If you apply your concealer first, you may end up wiping some off when you apply foundation or using a lot more product than necessary, which can create a heavy, cakey look.

Do you put foundation under eyes?

Foundations are meant to make skin even and either luminous or matte, depending on skin type, and both of these formulas will do nothing to help you under your eyes. While it doesn’t hurt to put foundation under your eyes, it certainly doesn’t help. Skip this move and only add concealer and/or corrector under the eyes.

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