What is the point of a beauty fridge?

The idea is that it helps to keep unstable ingredients like retinol, benzoyl peroxide and vitamin C (which break down when exposed to light or heat), as cool—and therefore stable—as possible. “Many skincare products benefit from being kept in the fridge,” says Clinicbe founder and aesthetic doctor, Dr Barbara Kubicka.

What is the best mini fridge for skincare?

Ahead, we break down some of the best options available.
  • Best Skincare Fridge Overall: Cooluli Infinity Mini Fridge.
  • Best Portable Skincare Fridge: Chefman Mirrored Beauty Fridge.
  • Best Budget Skincare Fridge: Fridgidaire Portable Retro 6-Can Mini Fridge.
  • Best Luxury Skincare Fridge: Facetory Skincare Mini Fridge.

What is the best skincare for fridge?

Which products you should keep in the fridge? As a general rule, if it’s gel-textured and/or water-based then a product will benefit from refrigeration, so you’re gonna want to stock your fridge with sheet masks, eye gels, face mists, toners, and gel-cream textured moisturisers and masks.

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What should you not put in a beauty fridge?

Oil-based products and thick cream moisturizers!

Be careful with oil-based products. Water and oil separate so you may find that the formula and texture of your cream moisturizer might change slightly if you place it in the fridge.

What should not be stored in beauty fridge?

In terms of what shouldn’t be stored in a beauty fridge, we would recommend avoiding storing any skincare products that have the chance of becoming unstable. Think retinol, harsher chemical exfoliants and cleansers.

Do beauty fridges use a lot of electricity?

The Beauty Fridge uses only 0.5/kWh of power per day. To give an example, an average household toaster will use around 1.37/kWh when in use.

Is a Beauty Fridge necessary?

Again, skin care fridges are unnecessary. But if you really love the feeling of cold products on your clean skin, go for it — especially if you live in a very hot climate and/or don’t have air conditioning. Remember, though: You actually don’t need many products for your everyday skin care routine!

Can I leave my Beauty Fridge plugged in?

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Can you put anything in a skincare fridge?

Sullivan recommends stocking your mini fridge with skin care products like facial toner, eye cream, sheet masks, gels, night creams and products that contain vitamin C and SPFs. Skincare tools like jade rollers and gua sha facial stones can also be more soothing when chilled.

What do you put in a cosmetics fridge?

Keep these cold!
  1. Moisturiser.
  2. Toner & facial mists.
  3. SPF.
  4. Serums.
  5. Facial tools.
  6. Face masks.
  7. Perfume.
  8. Nail polish.

Can you put food in a cosmetic fridge?

(It does also have a warning NOT to store food or drink in it as it does not get cold enough) it’s only meant for perscription and non perscription skincare and cool moisturisers and creams.

Are beauty fridges noisy?

It’s really loud.

I had a plan to keep it on my night stand in my bedroom where has all my beauty products on but its really loud at night time. So I moved it to the bathroom which I didn’t want to do due to lack of space but I made room and the fridge is still loud as it echos through the bathroom.

What is the difference between skincare fridge and normal fridge?

But a skincare fridge has a purpose beyond the social media brag. The idea is that it helps to keep unstable ingredients like retinol, benzoyl peroxide and vitamin C (which break down when exposed to light or heat), as cool – and therefore stable – as possible.

Can you put moisturizer in a skincare fridge?

As discussed already, gel moisturizers are ok, but cream formulas are not. The fridge can cause the cream to separate. You can give it a try with your cream moisturizer, but keep an eye on it and remove it from the fridge if it gets weird. Clay masks are an absolute no for your skincare fridge.

Should retinol be kept in fridge?

Make sure to leave some space in your fridge for your retinol and vitamin C skincare, as these antioxidants can degrade much quicker and become unstable when exposed to heat and sunlight. Storing these products in the fridge keeps the formulas stable and helps with preservation.

Should I put vitamin C serum in the fridge?

This is why most vitamin C and retinoid serums are packaged into dark bottles. To ensure longer product life, these should definitely be stored in the fridge. It won’t just make them last longer, but it’ll keep them effective for longer, and without a weird smell.

Should all serums go in skin care fridge?

Facial serums

Skin serums are designed to deliver skin-loving nutrients in high concentrations. To protect the nutritional integrity of these active nutrients, storing your serum in the fridge is recommended. Your serum will last longer and the ingredients will remain active for a longer period of time.

Does hyaluronic acid need to be refrigerated?

Unlike other skincare products like vitamin C serums and some retinoids, you do not need to refrigerate hyaluronic acid to extend its shelf life.

Should I put my moisturizer in the fridge?

Keeping your creams chilled could even help take away puffiness and boost circulation to the skin, according to Dr. Susan Smith Jones, president of L.A. consulting firm Health Unlimited. “If there’s room, it’s good to have a mini refrigerator in the bathroom to keep lotions and creams.”

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