What is the purpose of a Secateur?

Secateurs are a gardening tool that look like a pair of strong, heavy scissors. Secateurs are used for cutting the stems of plants.

What is the main difference between secateurs and shears?

Shape and Size

In terms of the blade, the most traditional Japanese garden shears will come without a curved blade and will more resemble a pair of extra large scissors. By contrast, Japanese secateurs are usually smaller hand tools with a smaller, curved blade and thick, ergonomic handles.

What types of secateurs are there?

There are three main types of secateurs – Anvil, Bypass and Snips.
  • Anvil secateurs have an upper blade that is typically sharp both sides and cuts down onto a flat or curved lower ‘anvil’.
  • Bypass secateurs have a curved shaped blade, sharp only on the outer edge and cuts down beside the anvil (non-sharp hook).

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Are Fiskars secateurs good?

Fiskars makes excellent hobbyist-level garden pruning shears and other tools for pruning plants in the home landscape. While the most popular Fiskars pruners are not the highest-end pruners available, they certainly offer excellent value for the price.

How thick can secateurs cut?

Secateurs are small pruning shears (or hand pruners) designed to cut thin stems and branches. They may be used one handed to cut through soft stems of any thickness or woody stems up to 1 cm.

What is the difference between bypass and anvil secateurs?

An anvil cut is more powerful than a bypass cut with minimal effort required. Ideal for the powerful pruning of dead wood. Bypass cutting tools have two sharpened blades that pass over each other to make a clean and precise healthy cut in a scissor action.

How do you choose a Secateur?

To perform well, they should have a good-quality blade that keeps a very sharp edge, feel comfortable in your hand and have a catch that works smoothly. If you have a weak grip or smaller hands, it’s particularly important to get a pair that is easy to use.

What is the difference between anvil Pruner and bypass pruner?

Anvil pruners, though seemingly similar-looking to bypass pruners, feature a sharp blade and a metal surface, or pocket, that the blade crushes upon. Whereas bypass pruners, with their slightly more scissor-like appearance, feature a sharp blade and a counter blade.

What are ratchet secateurs?

Ratchet secateurs have a ratchet mechanism that causes the secateurs to cut in several stages with little pressure needed on the handles. These reduce the strain and stress on your hands and wrists.

Why are Felco pruners worth the money?

Compared with cheaper pruners, Felco tools not only work better but also last longer—you can adjust and repair them, you can replace parts, and you’ll find that they’re just plain tougher and more durable than the competition.

What are big secateurs called?

There are two types of Felco secateurs (Felco pruners); anvil and bypass. Bypass secateurs encompass most of the range and are by far the most popular option.

Are Felco secateurs worth it?

Are Felco 8 Bypass secateurs good value for money? Felco are very definitely at the higher end of the price scale and were the second most expensive pair we tested. However, they are crafted from high-quality materials and the precision cut steel blades are robust and long lasting.

Does Stihl own Felco?

The other secateurs in our range are manufactured independently by FELCO, a Swiss manufacturer known globally as one of the best hand tool choices for gardeners everywhere. STIHL have partnered up with FELCO to increase our range and offer more choices for our customers.

Which brand of secateurs is the best?

Best secateurs – our pick of the top pruners available
  1. Fiskars PowerGear X Bypass Garden Shears.
  2. Gardena Garden Secateurs.
  3. Burgon & Ball Left-handed Bypass Secateurs.
  4. FloraBrite Yellow Bypass Secateurs.
  5. Sophie Conran Precision secateurs.
  6. Kent & Stowe 2 in 1 Ratchet Anvil Secateurs.
  7. Felco No.

What is the difference between Felco 2 and 4?

FELCO 2, 4, and 6 are similar models. The main difference between them is the handle and the head. Model 2 has a wider handle, giving users more padding and gripping grooves for optimal comfort. 4 has a thinner handle that has a specific ergonomic design.

How can you tell if Felco pruners are fake?

A genuine Felco product will have plastic packaging which is made to fit the cardboard insert, allowing it to be easily hung in a store. Imagery is sharp and bright. Fake products have the retail hanging section cut out of the plastic but not the same cut out in the internal cardboard.

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