Who won Season 1 of Beauty and the Geek?


Are Aaron and Karly still together?

“So an update on Karly and I: Still just friends,” the train enthusiast wrote. “But on a serious note we are and will continue to be super super close.” It appears that the cast have become good friends following filming.

Are any of the beauty and Geek still together?

Yes! It looks like Tara and Michael are still very much together after filming Beauty And The Geek—several clues prove as much.

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Where are the 2022 geeks now?

Winners of Beauty and the Geek 2022, Aaron and Karly’s life has largely returned to normal. Speaking to 9Entertainment Aaron has gone back to work as a train driver, and Karly as a hairdresser. The Beauty revealed that everyone at her salon is obsessed with Aaron.

Are Tyra and Michael still together?

Beauty and the Geek’s Tara Schwarz and Michael Gebicki have decided to stay together as a real-life couple after meeting on the show. The shy geek and outgoing beauty found that opposites attract after been matched on the heartwarming Channel Nine series.

Are Troy and Mackenzie still together?

While their relationship did last for a few years, they later ended their engagement. Mackenzie is now a mother, and Troy looks very different to how he did on the show as he is now a muscular, tattooed personal trainer.

Is Kiran and Bryanna from Beauty and the Geek still together?

But it seems the romance fizzled out, Kiran confirming on Instagram in 2021 that he and Bryanna were no longer a couple. “Since our elimination, a lot of people have been asking what happened between Bry and myself after the show.

What is Lachlan Mansell doing now?

You may recognise me from my appearance on Channel 9’s Beauty and the Geek reality TV show during 2021 along with my on-air roles on the Kyle and Jackie-O Show on KIIS FM in Sydney but those things are only part of my story. I’m a qualified journalist with a long-standing passion for motorsport commentary.

How many beauty and the geeks are still together 2022?

Heidi and Mike. It’s only just begun, however, FOUR pairings have seemed to find a serious lurv connection on Beauty and The Geek Australia 2022 — so which couples are still together? Source: Nine.

Are Aaron and Jess still together?

Jess Velkovski

Jess split from Aaron following their time in the Villa. Despite going their separate ways their split was amicable.

Are Jose and George still together beauty and the geek?

However George and Josie have shared updates about their relationship status, revealing they are no longer together. “A while ago I was extremely lucky to have met this beautiful, intelligent and kind hearted woman.

Are George and Josie still together?

Beauty and the Geek 2021 contestant Josie Werner has debuted her new boyfriend since announcing she and her former Geek, George Goldfeder, had gone their separate ways.

What illness does Josie George have?

The new name doctors give to her unwellness, “dysautonomia”, is no more helpful than the old ones. Undaunted, she confesses to being “embarrassed at how much I am enjoying my life, especially when the world insists on telling me that I really shouldn’t”. An invisible illness, they call it.

Where is Karly from Beauty and the Geek from?

Beauty and the Geek Australia 2022’s Karly Fisher has a great sense of humour, revealing that people compare her to Donkey from Shrek. Source: Nine. The Perth local has a big heart and loves love, and can also get along with everyone.

Are Karly and Aaron dating?

Are Karly and Aaron actually together? While Beauty And The Geek is technically a dating show, it’s much more about building friendships and proving how opposite personalities can often bring out the best in us. For Karly and Aaron, their relationship represents this to a tee.

What does Anthony from Beauty and the Geek do?

There’s nothing Anthony, a digital content director, doesn’t know about the Potterverse, and he is a proud Gryffindor. Admitting he’s shy around new people, Anthony retreats into his Harry Potter world when he’s feeling insecure.

How old is BRI from Beauty and the Geek?

Ex-NRL cheerleader, 30, NSW

As someone who gets along with everybody, Bri wants to use her confidence and positivity to bring out the best in her Geek.

How old is Keira from Beauty and the Geek?

Kiera. Kiera is a fun loving, big ball of energy. Listing her opinionated nature as both her strength and her weakness, the 23-year-old’s motto in life is that “talent will get you in the door and personality will keep you in the room.”

How old is Michael from Beauty and the Geek?

Michael, 25, has moved down to Melbourne to live with mermaid performer Tara, 22.

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