At what temp should I bring my Monstera inside?

Normal room temperatures between 60–80 degrees are great for your Monstera. It will not tolerate temperatures under 55 degrees or sudden drops in temperature. Avoid cold drafts and direct airflow from heaters in the winter months.

Is 42 degrees too cold for plants?

I did some research and found out that houseplants need to be taken indoors before overnight temperatures dip below 45 degrees. Most tropical plants suffer harm from temperatures below 40 degrees.

Can house plants survive 40 degree weather?

Like all living things, houseplants have specific temperature requirements. In order for them to survive and thrive, these must be met. Most plants prefer a temperature of no less than 60° F, though many can tolerate as low as 40° F.

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What temperature is too cold for pothos?

Conversely, a Pothos plant does not do well with temperatures under 65°F. There is no universal temperature for all plants that is too cold, so that is why it is important to do your research.

Is 35 degrees too cold for house plants?

As a general rule, 36 degrees Fahrenheit (2° Celsius) will not hurt cold-hardy plants. However, tropical, subtropical, and young plants will likely suffer cold damage. It is better to cover & secure all plants with burlap or fleece to prevent frost as a precaution.

Can houseplants survive 45 degree weather?

Most houseplants should be brought in when the outside temperature goes below 45 F. Tropical plants are more sensitive so bring them inside when the temperature is 50 F or below. Another technique is to check the forecast for the first frost date and get the plants in two or three weeks before that.

Should I cover plants at 40 degrees?

When Should You Cover Plants? Cover your plants at night and remove them during the day when the temperatures rise above 32 degrees F, so that the soil can warm up again. Some outdoor plants won’t survive the harsh conditions of winter, bring them inside and use these tips for caring for them through winter.

What temperature is too cold for potted plants to be outside?

Light freeze – 29° to 32° Fahrenheit will kill tender plants. Moderate freeze – 25° to 28° Fahrenheit is widely destructive to most vegetation. Severe or hard freeze – 25° Fahrenheit and colder causes heavy damage to most plants.

Is 40 degrees too cold for tropical plants?

Generally, the ideal temperatures for tropical plants are between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit, and anything below 50 degrees can start to cause problems. It is smart to avoid keeping plants near heat sources or cold draft areas. Drafty areas should be avoided with delicate tropical plants.

Is 50 degrees at night too cold for plants?

You have to remember that most common houseplants are tropical, and a lot of them are extremely sensitive to temperatures under 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Some will start dying the second the temps dip, but others can regenerate from healthy roots below the soil even if the top part of the plant is completely frozen.

Is 45 degrees too cold for tropical plants?

Temperatures below 45 F for more than a few hours can be damaging for many of our tropical plants. Tropical aroids, orchids and even some trees can be chilled by these conditions. Most of our common fruit trees can withstand these conditions and even produce a good crop of fruit.

Do I need to cover my plants at 34 degrees?

A. Our recommendation would be to remove the cold protection covering once temperatures are above 32 degrees. If you leave the covering on when it gets warm and the sun is shining brightly, it may get too hot inside the cover and stress out the plants.

Are my plants OK outside at 40 degrees?

It’s important to keep an eye on the weather – specifically the night ranges – and ensure that your green friends are never outdoors in degrees lower than 45 degrees. If you care for tropical plants, anything lower than 40 degrees will cause severe harm.

Are plants okay in 33 degree weather?

The general rule of thumb is that most plants freeze when temperatures remain at 28°F for five hours. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Seedlings, with their tender new leaves, often give up the ghost when temperatures dip to 32-33°F.

What is the lowest temperature plants can tolerate?

Rough guide for the lowest temperatures
  • Tender plants: 60°F (15°C)
  • Half hardy (many indoor plants): 50 – 55°F (10 – 13°C)
  • Hardy: 45°F (7°C)

Will my plants be OK in 50 degree weather?

Most houseplants are tropicals and prefer temperatures between 65-75°F during the day and about 10 degrees cooler at night. For many plants, temperatures below 50°F can cause problems. Adjust thermostats to cater to your comfort, but remember your plants need some consideration.

What plants can tolerate 30 degrees?

Semi-hardy vegetables that can withstand light frost of air temperatures in the range of 28 to 32 degrees include beets, spring market carrots, parsnip, lettuce, chard, pea, Chinese cabbage, endive, radicchio, cauliflower, parsley and celery.

Is 55 degrees too cold for plants?

But most houseplants are adaptable. Although they may not be happy at 55 degrees F., they’ll survive. Others suffer damage when they are forced to shiver. But other indoor plants — cyclamen and florist azaleas, for example, both popular at holiday time — actually need to be in a chilly room (45 to 55 degrees F.)

Can plants survive at 60 degrees?

When a plant is dormant, that is, resting or not actively growing, a temperature of 60 degrees at night is adequate. Most of our foliage houseplants are not actively growing during the short, often sunless, days of winter.

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