Can begonias and coleus be planted together?

An added benefit of growing these plants together in the same container is that you can simply bring the entire pot inside for winter. Begonias and coleus are complementary of one another and make great companion plants.

What is a good companion plant for coleus?

Companion Plants for Coleus
  • Lantana.
  • Impatiens.
  • Begonias.
  • Heliotrope.
  • Cordyline (spikes)
  • Dusty miller.
  • Sweet potato vine.
  • Ornamental grasses like purple fountain grass.

Do coleus come back every year?

Do coleus come back? Hardy in USDA zones 10-11, coleus is a tender perennial but is most often grown as an annual. Since coleus are sensitive to cooler temperatures, they will only come back the following year in the warmest regions.

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How long will a coleus plant live?

The average lifespan of a coleus plant is one year.

It’s not uncommon for indoor plants to live between 3-4 years if they are properly cared for, which means proper watering, sunlight, the right soil, and the right plant food to keep it green, and healthy.

Can I leave coleus outside in winter?

Coleus is very frost-sensitive, so bring the plants inside if cold nights threaten. By mid-May, the plants should be ready for your garden or containers. Cuttings may also be taken from a large, healthy plant in late spring.

How cold is too cold for coleus?

The lowest temperature coleus can tolerate is 33°F, but only for very brief periods of time. And that is really too cold for them. Though they can handle a light frost, if it dips below freezing for long, they will die. They prefer temps above 60°F – the hotter the better.

How do you winterize potted coleus?

Once rooted, pot up the plants for the winter season by fall. Another method is to move the entire container indoors before the first frost. Before bringing them in, check for bugs, spray the plants down with a hose and make sure to wash off the underside of the leaves. Place in a sunny window or under a grow light.

Will coleus come back after a freeze?

Do Coleus Come Back After a Winter Freeze? The short answer is that coleus are not frost-tolerant plants. While not impossible for them to regrow after a frost, most will likely die if they are exposed to colder temperatures and are hit by frost. They will not survive in areas that get below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Will my coleus come back after winter?

Coleus does come back after winter if you live in a warm enough climate (zones 10+) where it stays above freezing. However it will not survive outside in colder areas.

Should I cut back my coleus for winter?

There are a couple of methods you can try to overwinter a coleus. As your coleus gets larger later in the summer, pinch off longer portions of the stem for cuttings, leaving two leaves at the base for continued growth. Plants can be pinched back up to a third of the plant height.

Should coleus be cut back in the fall?

Only prune mature Coleus plants that are at least 6 inches tall. The best time to prune Coleus is when the plant is actively growing, during the spring and summer. Both leaves and flowers can be removed when pruning Coleus, and you can prune the plant as often as necessary to maintain the desired look.

Are coleus perennials indoors?

It is the perfect plant for the north side of the home or any area that only has indirect light. A little early morning sun will be tolerable but don’t plant coleus in the direct sun. This trait makes coleus an invaluable plant in the outdoor shady garden, but it also makes coleus a great houseplant.

Do coleus do better in pots or in the ground?

Coleus can grow well in pots or the ground, making them a versatile addition to an outdoor space. The colorful foliage of Coleus will brighten up a patio, porch, or balcony. When grown in a container, the plant can easily be moved to a spot in need of color or an area that provides more favorable conditions.

Can you keep coleus as a house plant?

Can I grow coleus indoors? Sure, why not? Although coleus is typically grown outdoors as an annual, its vibrant leaves provide many months of enjoyment indoors if growing conditions are just right. In fact, coleus plants respond well to potted environments.

Where should I put coleus in my house?

Coleus plants love bright light, though it’s best to avoid direct midday sunlight, which can scorch the delicate leaves. Your best bet is to find a windowsill or other spot in your home that gets direct sunlight in the morning and bright, filtered like in the afternoon.

Do coleus plants attract bugs?

Coleus plants in greenhouses are very susceptible to infestation by mealybugs. White cottony masses appear on leaf surfaces, in leaf axils and sheaths. These insects damage plants by sucking plant sap.

Do coleus need deep pots?

As a minimum, you’ll want a pot that’s eight inches wide and deep for a single plant. If you want to plant more than one, or add some colorful annual flowers, then consider a large planter. Make sure your container has draining holes on the bottom.

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