Can Monstera deliciosa be a hanging plant?

Can you hang Monstera in a hanging basket? One of the great things about Monstera is that it has a trailing nature, which means it can easily be grown in a hanging basket. Growing the plant as a hanging Monstera is also a good idea if you have children or pets who are notorious for bothering your plants.

How do you care for a hanging Monstera?

Caring for this handsome houseplant could not be easier! Place your Monstera adansonii in a spot with bright indirect light (low light will also suffice) and water the soil when almost completely dry. Fast-growing vines like this one should be fertilized when they are actively growing.

Can Monstera hang down?

In its natural habitat, the Monstera adansonii uses its aerial roots to anchor itself and climb up tree trunks and branches of other plants and trees. At home, when your plant grows larger, you can let it hang and trail down, or give it something to climb on.

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What happens when Monstera gets too big?

“In the case of monstera, the roots grow as fast as the plant aboveground.” To trim roots, gently pull the plant out of the pot, brush off the soil and use gardening shears to cut the roots back a few inches (by up to a third of their original size). Then repot the monstera in new soil.

Why is my Monstera flopping over?

A monstera plant grows towards the sunlight. So if your monstera only receives sunlight from one direction, then it might begin to grow towards the light. This can cause it to look like it is falling over and very lopsided.

Does Monstera need to climb?

In the absence of a tree to climb, Monsteras growing indoors do well with the support of a moss pole that fills the tree’s role. That doesn’t mean that this plant needs to climb on a pole, though. Your Monstera will grow just fine without one.

Do Monstera plants need to be supported?

Monstera deliciosa is a climber in its natural habitat, using its aerial roots to cling to large trees, so you should provide it with moss-covered support sticks or a trellis.

Does Monstera need to be by window?

Monsteras like bright, indirect sunlight and will usually be happiest near a bright window where the sun’s rays don’t shine directly on the leaves. The best place for a monstera is often in an east-facing window or near a south-facing window.

How often should I water a Monstera?

Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings. Expect to water more often in brighter light and less often in lower light. Pro tip: Monsteras can benefit from filtered water or water left out overnight before using.

Is it OK to put Monstera in bedroom?

The popular Monstera deliciosa is native to South America and thrives in indirect light (it typically grows under the shade of trees), so it’s ideal if your bedroom is lacking direct sun.

Where is the best place to put a Monstera?

Place your Monstera where it can receive medium to bright indirect light. While it is tolerant of lower light conditions, you may notice leggy growth as a result, so a spot where it will receive bright indirect light a few feet removed from a southern, western, or eastern facing window is ideal.

Do monsteras like deep or shallow pots?

Monsteras need a container that isn’t too large and must have drainage holes to drain excess water.

Should I put my Monstera in water or soil?

Instead, try growing your Monstera in water.

Monsteras are one of the best plants to grow in water long-term. The leaves look stunning in a vase and the roots adapt quickly to water growth.

How far away from window should Monstera be?

About 5-10ft away from a South, Southwest, or West-facing window without curtains. Next to a North or East-facing window.

Can you cut off the runners on a Monstera plant?

Yes you can. Cutting the aerial roots from your Monstera Deliciosa will not damage the plant and the roots will grow back in no time. You can also leave them be but it can be an eyesore to some people. These air roots can grow out of control and can look unruly cables.

What does a healthy Monstera look like?

A mature and healthy Monstera will have beautiful, deep green leaves. If your plant is younger or it’s a brand new leaf, however, don’t fret if it’s slightly lighter in colour. Yet, yellow tones are not a good sign. Like many other issues with Monstera health, the yellowing of leaves can be for many reasons.

How do I know if my Monstera is getting enough light?

If you find that the leaves on your mature Monstera are small and do not fenestrate, it may need more light. Also, soil that never fully dries, or plants that are growing slowly or lean over to one side are all signs that your Monstera deliciosa may need more light.

What does an overwatered Monstera look like?

Overwatered: If your monstera is getting too much water, you’ll notice the older leaves, or the leaves toward the bottom of the plant, yellowing first. Underwatered: If your monstera is too dry, leaves all over the plant will start to turn yellow, possibly starting with the newer, more vulnerable leaves.

How do you know if Monstera is thirsty?

Like many plants, monsteras will often droop when they’re thirsty. If you notice that your monstera’s leaves are limp and drooping, check the soil and see if the top few inches are dry. If they are, water your plant. It should perk back up in a few hours!

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