Does Beauty Pie ship to the US?

At the moment we deliver to mainland USA and the UK. We’re working on expanding that, but it’s complicated. If you live somewhere else, and absolutely cannot wait, you may be able to use parcel forwarding. More about our delivery options can be found here.

How do you get Beauty Pie in Australia?

As Beauty Pie doesn’t ship to Australia, you can purchase the products using Australia Post’s [mail forwarding service].

How do I leave Beauty Pie?

Cancelling Your Membership

You may cancel a newly-purchased Membership (Monthly or Annual) at any time within 14 days beginning on the day after you purchased the Membership without having to give a reason by contacting our Member Happiness Team here or [email protected].

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How is Beauty Pie so cheap?

Beauty Pie is cheaper than most beauty companies because it they don’t use the mark-ups often used by most designer brands in favour of a subscription-based model.

Is Beauty Pie actually luxury?

Is Beauty Pie good? If you love beauty then the answer to this is yes. All the products use high-quality ingredients and in the same factories as some of the industry’s most luxury brands.

How do I cancel my Beauty Pie free trial?

Please send us an email at [email protected] with the email on file for your membership. We can confirm cancellation of your free trial membership, we’ll be sad to see you go but hopefully you’ll reconsider us in the future!

Can I leave my beauty fridge plugged in?

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How do I reduce my Beauty Pie membership?

You ae not able to downgrade your annual membership however you can move to our BEAUTY PIE® PLUS membership, which works out to less than £5/month (it’s £59/year) and is our least expensive – yet most flexible- option.

What is Beauty Pie spending limit?

It now offers just two options: a $15 per month membership with a spending cap of $150 and a virtually unlimited-spend annual offering for $59 called Beauty Pie Plus (the spending cap is $3,600).

Is Beauty Pie worth joining?

Beauty Pie, the influencer-adored beauty membership service, sells premium products at affordable prices – but is it worth the hype? Spoiler: absolutely. Serial beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore is no stranger to shaking things up.

How many products can you buy on Beauty Pie?

With access to over 400 products, every corner of your beauty and wellness routine is covered, from cleansers and creams to lipstick and candles.

Do you pay monthly for Beauty Pie?

Pay monthly from just £10 – or become a Plus member and unlock a year’s worth of shopping for luxury beauty at our unbeatable insider prices.

Does Beauty Pie do free delivery?

BEAUTY PIE members have access to all the best offers. With huge savings available on new products and old favourites direct from the labs, it pays to join the club. These are some of our favourite perks: Free shipping on your first order as a member.

What should I buy first from a Beauty Pie?

The Beauty Pie products you should buy first
  • Clean House Luxury Scented Candle. Beauty Pie Clean House Luxury Scented Candle.
  • Triple Beauty Luminizing Wand.
  • Superdose C C-Suite Rapid Action Power Brightener.
  • Super Healthy Skin Gentle Foamy Facial Wash.
  • Soul Providers Energizing Body Wash.

Which Beauty Pie products does Caroline Hirons recommend?

The Caroline Hirons Edit
  • 4.7. (3300) Plantastic™ Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm.
  • 4.4. (1341) Youthbomb™ 360° Radiance Concentrate (S001)
  • 4.5. (1443) Super Healthy Skin™
  • 4.9. (59) Dr Glycolic™
  • 4.5. (494) Japanfusion™
  • 4.5. (1778) Super Retinol.
  • 4.8. (3508) Super Healthy Skin™
  • 4.6. (3183) Triple Hyaluronic Acid.

What products does Halle Berry use on her face?

After cleansing and wiping the face completely dry, Berry uses the Ole Henriksen Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub to exfoliate, again, rubbing in the product in a circular motion until it’s evenly distributed before rinsing off. “I really like it. It’s very eucalyptus-y.

What percentage of retinol is in Beauty Pie?

‎A superactive new hybrid Retinol booster serum, with 3% Encapsulated Retinol Complex, 1% Pinaretinol and low-level Lactic Acid to gently resurface the outer layer of the skin.

What skin care does Melissa Gorga use?

“I love applying Kiehl’s Creme de Corps after the shower,” she said.

What skincare did Jackie Kennedy use?

Erno Laszlo for radiant, youthful-looking skin. In fact, the famous dermatologist often created custom prescriptions just for her. Today, you can still shop Erno Laszlo’s luxurious skincare products from retailers like Amazon and Nordstrom, including those that Kennedy herself reportedly used.

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