How cold is too cold for a staghorn fern?

It prefers temperatures between 60°F–80°F. Staghorn Fern can somehow tolerate cold temperature, but never let the temperature drop below 50°F or go above 100°F.

Can I keep a staghorn fern outside?

In its natural environment of tropical forests, the plant grows on tree trunks or rocks, absorbing moisture from the humid air and collecting nutrients from the falling leaves of overhead trees. The Staghorn Fern can be grown as a houseplant or outside in gardens with mild climates.

Can staghorn ferns come back to life?

I always summer my staghorn ferns outside, and water them every few days. I would suggest you leave your plant outside in a location where it gets a little morning sun and shade the rest of the day, and see if it will recover and grow again for you. These plants are amazingly resilient, so don’t give up.

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Should I wipe the leaves of my staghorn fern?

The shield frond helps anchor the plant in place and will also help protect the delicate root ball moist and trap water. Secondly, the white, dust-like material on the fronds is not actually dust and should not be wiped off. It helps the plant to conserve moisture as well as provide protection from strong sunlight.

Should you remove dead leaves from staghorn?

Pruning. Unless there are damaged or dead foliar fronds, pruning is not a required part of typical staghorn fern care. Dead or dying leaves can be removed at any time. Use sharp, sterile precision shears to cut the entire leaf off at the base if it’s dead, or simply trim it back below the damaged tips.

How do you take care of a dying staghorn fern?

If the antler fronds begin to brown or blacken at the base, this is a sign of over-watering. Reduce watering to once monthly until plant shows sign of recovery. If the antler fronds begin to brown at the tips or wilt, this is a sign of under-watering. Increase watering as needed.

What does a dying staghorn fern look like?

If you find that the stem has turned black, you’re probably too late to save it. Black often spells trouble for a plant, and if black spots appear on the fronds, it usually means the staghorn fern is fighting rhizoctonia.

Why does my staghorn fern look wilted?

Underwatering. In warmer or sunnier environments, Staghorn Ferns typically need a little more water, and underwatering is a risk. Watch for brown spots at the tips of your fronds or wilting leaves, both of which indicate that your Staghorn is not receiving enough water.

How do you rehang a staghorn fern?

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Can you leave staghorn on the ground?

No, because they are epiphytes, staghorn ferns do not naturally grow in soil and therefore do not need it. Instead of soil, use a loose, well-draining potting mix that contains a mixture of sphagnum moss, perlite, and bark, or something similar.

Do staghorn ferns like coffee grounds?

Are coffee grounds good for staghorn ferns? Yes, small amounts of coffee grounds can help to boost acidity.

Which direction should a staghorn face?

Set the stag’s root ball in the center of the wooden plaque and position the plant with its antler fronds (the longer ones) at the top, facing upward. Each plant is unique in its shape and the direction of its protruding fronds, so you can adjust its placement to suit your taste.

Where do you put the banana peel on a staghorn?

Place the banana peels in the upright portion of the basal fronds or between the fern and its mount. If you’re worried that the peel will attract fruit flies to an indoor fern, soak the peel in water for a few days, discard or compost the peel, then water the plant.

Can staghorn ferns stay in pots?

Staghorn ferns can grow in pots, but they should not be planted in mineral soil. Instead, use a well-draining planting medium made primarily of organic matter. A 50/50 mixture of orchid bark and cactus potting mix is appropriate.

Do staghorn ferns like to be wet?

The staghorn fern is a typical jungle plant that does appreciate plenty of humidity. If your home has very dry air it might not be happy in there. Try placing the plant in one of the more humid areas of the house, like the bathroom, or run a humidifier to keep the moisture levels up.

Is Epsom salt good for staghorn ferns?

And they can lose these substances over time through watering. Epsom salt to the rescue! Epsom salt has minerals perfect for fern growth and fern care.

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