How do you hang a window box without drilling holes?

Luckily, plenty of ingenious ways to hang a window box without drilling will give your plants the support they need.
  1. A Window Hanger. Hooked window hangers are typically used to hang window boxes from the wall but can also be used to hang bags and other items.
  2. Command Strips Or Hooks.
  3. Vinyl Siding Hangers.

How do you attach window boxes?

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How do you attach a window box to vinyl siding?

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How do you hang things on vinyl siding without drilling holes?

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Can you screw directly into vinyl siding?

Screw fasteners can be used if the screws do not restrict the normal expansion and contraction movement of the vinyl siding panel on the wall. Screws must be centered in the slot with approximately 1/32” (0.8mm) space between the screw head and the vinyl.

How do you hang flower pots on vinyl siding?

Hooks designed specifically for use with siding allow you to hang flower baskets and other objects without compromising its integrity. These hooks are S-shaped so that you can slide one end up between the siding panels and hook on to the seam or top of the panel, and the other end can hold the hanging basket.

How do I keep my window box from falling off?

To stop your window boxes falling off, always make sure they’re secured. Metal brackets bolted to the wall can extend your windowsills, as well as help to secure the containers. You could also screw eyelets into the wall each side of the window box, then tie in the window box with some strong wire.

How do you fill the gap between Windows and siding?

Fill small cracks and gaps with caulking. Fill larger cracks with foam backer rod of the appropriate size by pushing it into the gap with a putty knife, then apply caulking on top of it. Still larger gaps and holes can be filled using aerosol cans of expandable foam.

Do window boxes damage siding?

Wood siding behind a window box can rot just as the window box itself can rot. It may even rot faster than the window box if the box is made of treated wood and regularly traps moisture between the back panel and the wood siding. The paint on the home’s siding will shed water until the paint begins to crack.

What should I put in the bottom of my window box?

In addition to drilled holes, stones and gravel are essential to proper drainage of windowboxes. Put a two- to three-inch layer of pea gravel or pebbles in the bottom of the planter. This will allow water to filter through the soil and gravel before passing through the drilled holes.

What can I use instead of a window box?

If you’ve always wanted beautiful window boxes but were afraid of the installation, planter boxes are a DIY-friendly alternative. They’re easy to build, and can be decorated seasonally with non-plant items if you live in a planting zone that doesn’t allow for live plants in the winter.

Do window boxes add value to your home?

“Look for finishing touches that let your home say, ‘I’m worth it’—items like window boxes and wooden shutters can drastically improve curb appeal by adding dimension and color, while increasing property value,” says Clint Robertson, contractor, real estate broker and developer on HGTV’s “Boise Boys” and co-owner of

Should window boxes be bigger or smaller than window?

Editor’s Tip: For the best visual effect, your window box should be at least as wide as the window, but should not extend more than three inches beyond the trim on each side.

Do window boxes need holes in the bottom?

It’s absolutely necessary that a window box have drainage holes so plants do not sit in soggy soil. If your box does not come with holes, you will need to drill holes in the bottom before installation.

Do you take down window boxes in winter?

Though your options for what to plant in winter window boxes may be considerably fewer than in spring or summer, there’s no need to leave your window boxes empty. Evergreen plants, pine cones, and other festive decor elements can spruce up your window boxes for the winter season.

How often should you change the soil in window boxes?

Simply topping off your window boxes yearly will encourage shallow rooting because plants grow best in newer potting soil, and deep rooting encourages the best growth. To avoid all of these problems, your potting mix should be replaced every two years or so.

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