How many types of pink Syngonium are there?

In its natural habitat, there are over thirty species of syngonium. The one we see most often in cultivation is the podophyllum type, which comes in an impressive number of varieties. The vibrant colors and patterned foliage make the plant have a stunning appearance.

What is the pinkest Syngonium?

Syngonium podophyllum “Pink” has bright glowing pink arrowhead shaped foliage. This gives it the common name of “Arrowhead Ivy”. It grows upright when young but will trail as it gets older.

What is the rarest Syngonium plant?

The Syngonium T25, also known as the Syngonium Dwarf Variegata, is one of the rarest Syngoniums with uniquely variegated leaves. Syngonium T25 has very characteristic green and white leaves.

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Is Syngonium pink splash rare?

Where can I buy Syngonium Pink Splash? The good news is there are many markets now that can offer you this rare plant, but it’s important to choose the right place.

Which Syngonium plant is best?

Syngonium ‘Albo Variegatum’ or Variegated Syngonium has the most unique and eye-catchy foliage in the Syngonium genus. It has arrow shaped, variegated leaves in shades of green and white. Plant collectors adore this variety for its incredible ornamental beauty, as well as for its very vigorous growth habit.

Is Syngonium T24 rare?

The Syngonium T24 is a very rare Syngonium with uniquely variegated leaves, each leaf of which is different and unpredictable. The variegation on this plant can primarily be found around the edges.

Is Syngonium neon rare?

Though perhaps once a rarity, these days it’s fairly easy to get a hold of the various varieties of Pink Syngonium – particularly Syngonium ‘Neon Robusta’.

Is Syngonium Starlite rare?

Syngonium ‘Starlite’ is a rare variegated syngonium with cream, white and green colored leaves. A compact variety,this plant exhibits green leaves with white spots and accented with cream veins. This plant is not a vining type and stays compact.

Is Syngonium Albo rare?

Syngonium are part of the Araceae family. These lovely rare climbing plants are native to Mexico, Brazil and Bolivia. Albo is a gorgeous rare coveted variety with typical arrowhead shaped leaves and fantastic variegation.

Is Syngonium milk confetti rare?

Syngonium “milk confetti” is a rare tropical vine prized for its beautiful pastel colors with a milky green base color foliage.

Why is my Syngonium not pink?

Temperature. The Pink Syngonium temperature range falls in between 60-80°F (15-26°C). It has hardiness and temperature tolerance, but if it gets too cold or too warm, it begins to lose the color.

Is Syngonium Red Arrow rare?

This rare species of Syngonium erythrophyllum Red Arrow has dark green cordate leaves that are red underneath. In their homeland, they are considered invasive plants.

Is Syngonium batik rare?

This stunning, rare Syngonium is always highly sought after for its intricate mosaic, vein-like foliage pattern. Definitely one for the collectors and a favourite here at Planted & Co.! Who doesn’t love a rare plant that is also easy-care!

Is Syngonium pink splash the same as red spot?

Syngonium podophyllum ‘Red Spot’ / ‘Pink Splash’ is a very easy to grow rare Syngonium house plant. Known as both Syngonium ‘Red Spot’ and Syngonium ‘Pink Splash’ this beautiful pink variegated Syngonium is the ideal low maintenance house plant and can also be grown in larger terrariums too. 12cm pot.

Is Syngonium Berry allusion rare?

Crown of Thorns plant is one of the rare succulents capable of blooming almost year-round.

Is Syngonium Three Kings rare?

The much sought after and rare to acquire Syngonium. Featuring arrow-shaped, light green, mottled foliage. Splashed with variegated shades of whites and greens, each leaf is different making it unique.

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