Is Beauty and the Beast 2017 a remake?

It is currently the second-highest-grossing film of 2017 (behind Star Wars: The Last Jedi), the highest-grossing March release, the highest-grossing remake of all time, and the sixth-biggest Disney film.

Is Beauty and the Beast 2017 a good movie?

You can add Beauty and the Beast to the list of well made Disney live-action remakes. While not better than the 1991 original, it is a nice representation of one of the greatest animated films ever made and more evidence that Disney can do no wrong. February 18, 2022 | Rating: 3.5/4 | Full Review…

What is the story of Beauty and the Beast 2017?

A live-action adaptation of Disney’s 1991 animated classic fairy tale featuring amazingly the love story of a prince who is cursed by an evil witch to look like a beast, and a beautiful woman who becomes his castle’s prisoner.
Beauty and the Beast / Film synopsis

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How old is Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast?

The latest to get the Mouse House makeover is “Beauty and the Beast,” set for release on Friday with an all-star cast led by Emma Watson, 26, who grew up playing Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” films.

Why was The Beast cursed in the original story?

A prince by birth, he was cursed by a mysterious Enchantress as punishment for his selfish and cruel nature; only by loving another and earning their love in return can the Beast free himself and those affected by the spell before time runs out.

What’s the dark story behind Beauty and the Beast?

Disney’s version tells the tragic tale of Belle and a prince transformed into a hairy beast. It originates from a 16th Century romance between a French court servant and a man with incurable hair growth.

Why did the Beast have the rose?

It symbolizes the Beast’s need to reform from his past life of excess and vanity, as well as be gentler towards others. The rose is not only a vital part of the story but a vital part of the Beast. This is his last chance to change who he is for the better, or he will remain the terrifying creature he holds inside.

How long was Belle a prisoner?

Some believe Belle was only there for a few days. Others believe she was there for several months, mostly because of the timeframe of two straight-to-video sequels. The live-action film changes up Maurice’s story in significant ways so it’s clear Belle is at the castle for around a week.

What mental illness does Belle have?

Belle has clearly shown symptoms of Schizoid Personality Disorder, Stockholm Syndrome and Schizophrenia which can be treated by a biological therapeutic approach or a psychoactive drug approach and therapy. From the beginning Belle’s characteristics reveals anti-social behaviors perhaps even a personality disorder.

How long did it take Bella to fall in love with the Beast?

Belle falls for the Beast over what appears to be a few months — the seasons change and she’s there through part of winter.

Why does Belle wear her dress up?

She tucks her skirt up into her waistband so you can see her bloomers, and she wears bloomers so that she can not be trapped by the skirt.” All of these elements serve as reminders of Belle’s will for freedom.

Why is Belle’s gown yellow?

Although art director Brian McEntee had always envisioned the dress as gold, representing Belle’s emotional growth into a happier, warmer character, Disney’s marketing department wanted a pink dress to appeal to young girls; McEntee convinced the studio that gold would differentiate Belle from previous Disney

Is Belle’s dress yellow or gold?

Belle’s animated dress consists of varying shades of “yellow” so that it doesn’t feel as monochromatic. Instead, Belle’s live-action dress is 100% yellow. Every single piece of the dress is made in the exact same shade of yellow.

Why was Emma Watson chosen Belle?

“Emma Watson was our first — and really our only — choice for Belle,” director Bill Condon said, “for a lot of reasons: her talent, her beauty, her intelligence.” He also said that the actress is similar to Belle because she is strong and independent.

Why did Emma reject Cinderella?

Watson has revealed she was given the chance to be Cinderella in Kenneth Branagh’s remake, but she rejected the part because she didn’t believe that particular princess was enough of a role model.

Why did Emma Watson almost pull out of Harry Potter?

“We were kind of in the moment at the time. It just didn’t really occur to us that we were all probably kind of having similar feelings.” The Beauty and the Beast actress noted that she felt “lonely” in her career at the time, adding, “The fame thing had finally hit home in a big way.”

Who is the crush of Emma Watson?

Emma Watson is getting real about her childhood crush on her Harry Potter costar Tom Felton, and it’s extremely adorable.

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