Is philodendron tiger tooth rare?

Philodendron tiger tooth is an uncommon houseplant. The leaves are vibrant green with a unique shape to them. If you are drawn to collecting rare and uncommon plants, you will enjoy growing this plant. This plant is native to Central and South America.

Is philodendron Jungle Boogie the same as Tiger tooth?

Philodendron ‘Jungle Boogie’ also known as the “tiger-tooth” philodendron, this plant has glossy green, deeply cut leaves. The sawtooth shape foliage makes a large specimen of this plant a showstopper. It has long, narrow leaves with distinctive, deep serration all along the leaf edges. Leaves can reach 2-3′ in length.

How big does a tiger tooth philodendron get?

Philodendron Tiger Tooth is known for being a fast-growing indoor plant, and it grows up to 2-3 feet tall with a 10-inch width as a houseplant.

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Do philodendrons need big pots?

Does my Philodendron need a bigger pot? Philodendrons are very happy in a small pot. In the wild, these plants will be found growing on/around larger trees, and so will have limited soil space.

What is the lifespan of a philodendron?

Philodendrons don’t have a short and easily defined lifespan. Some have been known to grow for 20 years as houseplants, others up to 40. In their native habitats, species can easily live past 100 years if not more.

How big will my philodendron get?

They grow to a height of approximately three feet, but its width can be nearly twice its height. In addition to being easy to care for, the philodendron plant can help purify the air.

What is the rarest philodendron plant?

What is the rarest Philodendron? The rarest Philodendron on this list is the Philodendron Spiritus Sancti. With only a handful of these unique foliaged beauties in the wild, this endangered species is the rarest Philodendron variety. This plant is also one of the most expensive Philodendron varieties available.

Is philodendron 69686 Rare?

Philodendron 69686 is an unnamed hybrid that is still relatively rare and requires some effort to obtain. This tri-lobed Philodendron plant was incorrectly labeled as Philodendron Joepii for many years, but is a different plant entirely.

How long does it take for alocasia to grow big?

Expect top growth to emerge in 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the availability of warmth and moisture. These large plants will grow tall throughout the season and often develop side plants from bulb offsets or root runners.

Do Alocasia like smaller pots?

This family of plants is notoriously happy to be in very cramped pots. You will rarely need to upgrade the pot size, and should only do so during late Spring and early Summer so that the plant has time to adjust before Winter kicks in. Most Alocasias will grow huge even in a small pot.

Do Alocasia like big pots?

They take well to growing in pots, provided you follow a few guidelines. Alocasia produce very large leaves that are held upright, nearly vertical. Alocasia grow more upright than Colocasia, with very large leaves that can stand nearly vertical. It can transition to a houseplant and remain in green growth all year.

How do I get my Alocasia to grow more leaves?

If you want your plant to push out new leaves actively and produce the large leaves it is known for, then make sure the alocasia is in a spot where it can receive plenty of bright indirect light. The plant will survive but not grow as quickly when placed in an area with lower light levels.

What does an overwatered Alocasia look like?

Overwatering. If you overwater your Alocasia, it’s possible that it will develop root rot or a fungal infection. Watch for brown or black spots developing on the leaves and monitor the soil for moisture. The soil should be damp, but not saturated with water, for optimal health.

How do you make Alocasia happy?

Misting your plant can help keep the leaves clean and free from dust build-up. Remember each plant is a unique living thing and may have varying needs, especially in their individual locations. Pay attention to the condition of your Alocasia and its watering needs and you will have a long and happy relationship.

Do Alocasias like to be root bound?

Alocasia (likes to be root bound)

Alocasia varieties are some of the plants that actually grow better in cramped environments; however, this doesn’t mean that it can thrive with roots growing out of the soil. A plant that likes to be root bound is one that doesn’t mind the roots taking up a lot of space in the soil.

How do you keep Alocasia upright?

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Should I let my Alocasia flower?

SHOULD I LET MY ALOCASIA FLOWER? I would recommend always cutting off your Alocasia inflorescences as soon as you spot them. What is this? The reason is that your plant will expend energy sustaining that growth, and most of us would rather redirect the plant’s energy into foliage growth instead.

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