Is there a Beauty and the Beast Jr?

Based on the original Broadway production that ran for over thirteen years and was nominated for nine Tony Awards, and the Academy Award-winning motion picture, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. is a fantastic adaptation of the story of transformation and tolerance.

Does Maurice sing in Beauty and the Beast Jr?

Maurice is an aging and eccentric inventor, but more importantly, the adoring and protective father of Belle. This is a non-solo singing role which is perfect for the student who can have fun interpreting this crazy old man while conveying some very strong emotions: fear and fatherly love.

How did Belle get to the castle?

Not wanting to be the wife of that boorish, brainless man, she runs off into an open field, where Philippe finds her. Seeing the horse without her father, Belle pleads the horse to take her to where her father is. Belle rides to a mysterious castle on Philippe in possible of finding her father.

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What mental illness does Belle have?

Belle has clearly shown symptoms of Schizoid Personality Disorder, Stockholm Syndrome and Schizophrenia which can be treated by a biological therapeutic approach or a psychoactive drug approach and therapy. From the beginning Belle’s characteristics reveals anti-social behaviors perhaps even a personality disorder.

What killed Belle’s mom?

In the 1991 cartoon, Belle’s mother or her story was never explored, but in the live-action remake we learn that Belle’s mother died of the bubonic plague when she was just a baby.

Why did the Belle go to the castle of the Beast?

Belle goes to the castle of the beast to save her father who was imprisoned there. Explanation: Her father Maurice was out of money and was financially very unstable to pay taxes.

Why was Belle living in the castle with the Beast?

The Prison Tower: This is where the Beast gives Maurice a “place to stay” after angered by his unwanted intrusion. The next day, Belle stumbles upon the same room and meets her father, unsuspectingly guided by Lumiere and Cogsworth, and offers the Beast her place as his prisoner in return for her father’s freedom.

What happens when Belle enters the castle?

At the castle, the Beast anxiously awaits Belle at dinner, with his enchanted servants helping him be more presentable. But, when it is announced that Belle will not come down, the enraged Beast storms up to her room and begins to bully her into joining him.

Why did Belle’s dad go to the castle?

In the original 1989 storyline of the film, Maurice was a merchant who lost all his money, as in the original tale. His reason for leaving the house before finding the Beast’s Castle was to sell his late wife’s music box so that he could pay his taxes.

Is Belle’s daughter Jane?

2. Belle from Beauty and the Beast is the grandmother of Jane Porter from Tarzan. Disney movies are known for their Easter eggs and one of them confirms that Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Jane Porter from Tarzan are related.

How many kids does Gaston have with Belle?

Before Gaston had Gaston Jr., Gaston the Third, and Gil, he mentions to Belle that he hopes to have 6 or 7 “strapping boys” like himself.

Why is Belle’s gown yellow?

Although art director Brian McEntee had always envisioned the dress as gold, representing Belle’s emotional growth into a happier, warmer character, Disney’s marketing department wanted a pink dress to appeal to young girls; McEntee convinced the studio that gold would differentiate Belle from previous Disney

Why does Mirabel have a butterfly on her dress?

The embroidery on her dress is little butterflies because she doesn’t have her gift yet. Everyone’s costume, once they get their gift, has something to do with their gift. But this means she’s in this moment before its happened. She’s got butterflies because she doesn’t know what her gift is going to be yet.

Is Belle’s mom the enchantress?

In the novel, the Enchantress is revealed over the course of the plot to be Belle’s mother, Rosalind, with flashbacks exploring her history with Maurice prior to Belle’s birth, before she is captured by Monsieur D’Arque as part of his campaign against magic after she cast the curse on the castle.

What is Cinderella’s real dress color?

Cinderella’s dress has been and will remain known as blue because of how Disney has changed and commercially produced it as blue. However, the animators originally most likely produced her dress as silver. Do you believe her dress was originally silver?

How heavy was the blue dress in Cinderella?

Even with a gown that felt heavy as a kettlebell (the underskirts weighed at least 20 pounds alone), Swan managed to transform into a twirling Cinderella. Here she explains how. Spoiler: she didn’t actually dance in the glass slippers.

Why did the stepsisters rip Cinderella’s dress?

After that, Anastasia notices that Cinderella is also wearing her discarded sash, and like her sister, she tears it off of Cinderella’s dress. Out of jealousy and spite for their stepsister, and having already started to ruin it, like a chain reaction, the girls continue to tear up Cinderella’s dress.

What color is Cinderella’s lips?

To go with her sweet personality, Cinderella sports a sweet pink lip color that those who prefer cool-toned colors will love. ColourPop’s Lippie Stix in Westie is a soft, cool-toned pink and Cinderella would love that it’s 100% vegan!

Is Cinderella’s a girl or a boy?

Cinderella is a girl’s name that comes from the French name Cendrillon, meaning “little ashes.” Cinderella is primarily famous for the ancient fairytale, first recorded in Egypt by a Greek geographer.

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