Is yucca a type of dracaena?

Yucca is another plant often confused as a Dracaena because it has very similar, long, sword-like foliage. However, this is about where the similarities end. Yucca is part of the Agavaceae family and is native to Mexico and the Southwest United States. Because of this, Yucca thrives in arid, hot climates.

How do you take care of a yucca plant indoors?

These slow-growers are easy to care for and simply need a sturdy pot with well-draining soil and some sun — a south-facing window with lots of indirect light is perfect. Water them once a week or so during the summer, letting the soil dry out in between, as consistently moist soil will cause root rot.

Is dracaena a good indoor plant?

They make excellent houseplants because they are drought tolerant and among the more forgiving dracaena plants. Dracaena Massangeana Dracaena fragrans massangeana or Dracaena massangeana is commonly referred to as mass cane or corn plant, and is widely used indoors.

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How long does a dracaena plant last?

In the wild, dragon trees can grow up to 70 feet tall and live for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. 1 Tall, elegant houseplant specimens are typically kept pruned at six feet, although there are some dwarf species, such as Dracaena deremensis ‘Janet Craig,’ also known as pineapple dracaena.

Do dracaena attract bugs?

While pests of dracaena are not common, you may sometimes find that scale, mealybugs, and a few other piercing and sucking insects require dracaena pest control. Too much nitrogen sometimes encourages excessive new growth, which draws aphids and other bugs that eat dracaena and weakens the plant.

How often should I water my dracaena indoors?

Dracaena trees prefer the soil to dry between waterings, but not completely through the pot. Typically, watering every 10-14 days will keep the soil with a nice even level of moisture.

Do dracaena plants need sunlight?

Grow dracaena indoors in bright, indirect light. Most types will tolerate fairly low light conditions, but you’ll notice increased growth if you move plants to sunnier locations. Don’t put them where the sun will shine directly on them, though, as the leaves may scorch.

Is dracaena a low maintenance plant?

Grown for their attractive foliage, dracaenas are popular plants that need very little care. There are over 100 species of dracaena trees and succulent shrubs, although many are used as houseplants because they’re easy to grow and tolerate low light.

How much sunlight does a dracaena need?

Dracaena can survive in low or medium light, but the leaves will look their best in bright, indirect sun. Excessive sun can cause browning of leaves, as can too little humidity.

What does an overwatered dracaena look like?

The most obvious signs of overwatering are soft brown leaves or a soft looking trunk. If you notice this happening, leave your dracaena to dry out fully and then reduce watering going forward.

How cold is too cold for dracaena?

Temperature. Dracaenas need warmth to grow well. Provide a temperature range of 65 – 75º F. (Exception: Dracaena draco can tolerate a low temperature down to 50° F.)

Should I put my dracaena outside?


Indoors, place near a window that receives at least 2 to 4 hours of bright indirect light. Plants can be placed outdoors in summer in a spot that gets bright indirect light, not direct sun or dark shade.

Does dracaena need big pots?

It doesn’t matter how large the plant is; it will grow in a pot that is 4 inches tall by 4 inches wide. If you don’t know how to choose the right pot size, consider the current pot’s size. If the current pot of the plant is 10 inches or smaller, you should choose a pot that is at least 1-2 inches larger.

What do you do with a dracaena in the winter?

Bring the container indoors and place it in a warm location that receives indirect sunlight. Throughout the winter, the plant will need only occasional watering when soil becomes dry. Replant into the garden next season when all chance of frost has passed.

Do you water a dracaena from top or bottom?

  • Fill the plant tray with water.
  • Make sure the soil is in contact with the water on the tray.
  • Wait for about 10 minutes.
  • Feel the soil to see if it absorbed enough water —> if the soil is moist throughout, remove any excess water from the tray.
  • If it’s still dry —> add more water to the tray.

Should I cut the brown tips off my Dracaena?

Trim dead and browning foliage

Give your dracaena a spa day by doing a little leaf nipping and tucking. Start by removing dead leaves with a pair of scissors. Then trim off brown tips to make the plant look fresher. Consider pruning any stems are out of proportion.

Are coffee grounds good for Dracaena?

Do Dracaena Plants Like Coffee Grounds? Coffee grounds are great additions to compost and soils for your plant. A small portion of grounds placed into soil acts similarly for your plant as it does for humans.

Can you water Dracaena with tap water?

This plant is sensitive to chemicals in the water and prefers filtered, room temperature water. If using tap water, poor the water the night before and allow for the fluoride to dissipate overnight before watering your plant.

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