Should I put a trellis in my Monstera?

Since the monstera’s natural size is much larger, a few vines hanging out of the pot would quickly fill an entire room! Therefore, you should affix the vines to a sturdy trellis so they can grow upwards.

What should I give my Monstera to climb?

If you want your monstera to grow upward, it needs something to grow on and some help staying vertical. A successful option used by many plant parents is a moss pole. The moss provides an organic form of support, and the monstera’s aerial roots will attach to the pole and help guide it upward.

What is the best pole for Monstera?

Monsteras are epiphytes with a climbing growth habit and they do well when grown on a moss pole indoors. Monsteras grown on a moss pole will grow larger leaves with more fenestrations than monsteras that are grown as houseplants without a moss pole.

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Do Monsteras prefer tall or wide pots?

What is this? And because of this reason, it’s generally always better to choose a Monstera pot that’s on the smaller end versus too large. When repotting your Monstera, only go up 1 pot size.

Do Monsteras like deep or wide pots?

Monstera love to be cramped in their pots. They will grow huge regardless of their pot size. If you pot your monstera into a huge pot it not grow any faster or larger, most likely it will get root rot from all the excess wet soil, or it will direct more energy to root growth instead of growing any leaves.

How do I choose a moss pole for monstera?

Some moss poles are very skinny and may not work well with larger plants. If you have a Monstera Deliciosa with large leaves, you’ll likely want a thicker pole to support it. On the other hand, if you have a Mini Monstera, then a skinny pole may be all you need.

What size moss pole do I need for monstera?

Most moss poles for Monsteras are in the range of 36″-42″ tall and made of either sphagnum moss or coco coir. Larger monstera vines can be attached with twine or plant tape before the aerial roots start to attach themselves to the pole.

Do all Monsteras need a moss pole?

Do Monsteras need a moss pole? While Monsteras can grow just fine without a moss pole, adding a pole more closely mimics their habitat in the wild. Monsteras are epiphytes, which means they grow on tree trunks for support. Their aerial roots grow into the support and help them cling.

What can I use instead of a moss pole for my monstera?

9 Best Moss Pole Alternatives: Easy Options You Must Know About
  • List of Nine Essential Moss Pole Alternatives. – Bamboo Stakes. – Metal Pipe. – PVC Pipe. – Wooden Sticks. – Coir Poles. – Chicken Wire Trellis. – Plastic Trellis. – Bamboo Trellis. – Jute Poles.
  • Conclusion.

How do you make a cheap moss pole?

How To Create a Moss Pole for Your Indoor Plants
  1. Soak the Sphagnum Moss. Before creating the moss pole, the first step is to pre-soak the sphagnum moss, which will encourage your plant’s aerial roots to reach toward the pole as it grows.
  2. Attach the Moss to the Support Pole.
  3. Secure Your Climbing Plant to the Moss Pole.

Which is better coco pole or moss pole?

Coco coir makes an excellent alternative to sphagnum or sheet moss for moss poles. It’s less water retentive but still provides a stable material that’s easy for plants to root into.

How do you attach monstera to a trellis?

To train your monstera to climb the trellis, simply use soft string or even twist ties to affix the vines and stems to the poles. Make sure to use enough ties that your monstera isn’t leaning on any one point. This will prevent the ties from cutting into your plant’s stems and vines.

Does Monstera need a climbing pole?

In the home, maturing plants will need the support of a moss covered pole that they can climb. If treated well, monstera can live for years, and grow to well over ten feet tall.

How do you make a climbing pole for Monstera?

Moss poles are just what they sound like: sturdy sticks or poles coated with moss. These work really well because the moss provides texture that’s easy for the monstera’s aerial roots to attach to.

How to Make a DIY Moss Pole

  1. Step 1: Soak the moss.
  2. Step 2: Tie the moss to the pole.
  3. Step 3: Stake the moss pole.

How do you train Monstera deliciosa to climb?

What is the best way to make Monstera deliciosa climb? By providing a support structure such as a moss pole, coco coir pole, or trellis, you can encourage your Monstera deliciosa to grow upright. This trains it to follow its natural inclination for climbing and may lead to a healthier plant with larger leaves.

How do you encourage monstera to branch?

Start by cutting any old or diseased leaves at the base of the stem. If you’re pruning to encourage growth, cut where you want the plant to grow. If you want it to grow taller, cut at the top. When you’re ready to actually prune your monstera, remember that pruning encourages growth, so make your cuts wisely.

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