What are the 24 rules of seduction?

24 Rules Of Seduction
  • Choose the right victim.
  • Create a false sense of security — approach indirectly.
  • Send mixed signals.
  • Appear to be an object of desire — create triangles.
  • Create a need — stir anxiety and discontent.
  • Master the art of insinuation.
  • Enter their spirit.
  • Create temptation.

What are the 9 types of seducers?

Greene says there are nine types of seducers:
  • The Siren. As a woman, you can portray the ultimate fantasy for a man: an uninhibited, promiscuous, pure symbol of pleasure.
  • The Rake.
  • The Ideal Lover.
  • The Dandy.
  • The Natural.
  • The Coquette.
  • The Charmer.
  • The Charismatic.

How do you master seduction?

We’ve summarized Greene’s 24 rules of seduction below.
  1. Choose the right victim.
  2. Create a false sense of security — approach indirectly.
  3. Send mixed signals.
  4. Appear to be an object of desire.
  5. Create a need — stir anxiety and discontent.
  6. Master the art of insinuation.
  7. Enter their spirit.
  8. Create temptation.

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Who is the biggest seducer?

The Top Seducers of All Time
  • Giacomo Casanova. The Venetian adventurer made his own name a synonym of seduction.
  • Cleopatra. You seriously thought we were going to only talk about men?
  • Serge Gainsbourg.
  • Jack Nicholson.
  • Steve McQueen.
  • John Casablancas.
  • Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy.
  • Hugh Hefner.

What is a female seducer called?

A seductress is a woman who seduces someone. She was typecast as a self-confident seductress. Synonyms: temptress, siren, vamp [informal], femme fatale More Synonyms of seductress.

What is the ideal lover seducer?

3. The Ideal Lover. The Ideal Lover comes to us from our childhood dreams, or rather our lost dreams. They are the ones that bring a hopeless fantasy to life with their ability to mirror the ideals we once had as innocent happy-go-lucky children, but have lost to grey world.

What makes a woman a siren?

Today’s Siren is a woman who, by some mysterious combination of qualities, is irresistible to men. Not all men, necessarily. Not each man, every time. But a Siren’s batting average is very high. We know these women as the man-eaters of history, from Cleopatra to Angelina Jolie.

What type of seducer was Marilyn Monroe?

If you’ve read The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene, you know that Marilyn Monroe was the purest example of a siren. A siren is essentially a feminine woman who plays on her damsel-esque energy to seduce. Her power lies in the fact that she makes men feel powerful, although she’s the one in power.

What is siren seduction?


The first and most ancient seducer of all is the Siren. She represents male fantasy. She is supremely confident, highly sexual, smells of danger, and is physically undeniable. Her greatest power is the physical. There are many beautiful women in the world – but only a fraction are Sirens.

How can I be seductive and feminine?

These five tips that can help you feel confident in your body so you can be your sensual, seductive and sexy self:
  1. Walk with confidence. The way you walk can tell a lot about the level of your self-esteem and confidence.
  2. Practice some feminine or seductive dance.
  3. Love your body.
  4. Practice self-care rituals.
  5. Sleep nude.

How do you siren gaze?

Straightforward too – all it involves is slightly raising your eyebrows and narrowing your eyes, then opening your mouth to mimic that face you make right before an orgasm.

How do I get a sharp gaze?

Place a mirror in front of you.

Point the mirror so it is showing your face and shoulders. Clean the mirror to make your stare clearer. Tilt your head forward slightly. This works on most people depending on what you look like.

How do u know if u have siren eyes?

Siren eyes feature a sharp wing that extends farther out both ways, with the inner corners of the eyes being accentuated with an equally sharp point and oftentimes, a darkly-lined waterline.

How do I check my gaze?

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How do you tell if someone likes you by their eyes?

Watch for Their Eye Gaze

Like touch, eye contact triggers the release of oxytocin. When someone is attracted to you, they subconsciously will try engaging in lots of mutual eye contact. They do this to feel closer to you, and because they are interested in you and what you are saying.

How can I see my crush eyes?

Normal eye contact lasts for about three seconds. However, if you can hold your crush’s gaze for four and a half seconds, they’ll get a powerful cue that you’re flirting with them. You can even hold it longer, if you like, as long as your crush doesn’t look away. If you’re nervous, you may be tempted to look away.

What does an intimate gaze look like?

The Intimate Gaze

The gaze is across the eyes and below the chin to other parts of the person’s body. In close encounters it is the triangular area between the eyes and the chest or breasts and for distant gazing from the eyes to the crotch.

What is the triangle eye trick?

Try the triangle trick.

Picture an inverted triangle that acts as a perimeter around the person’s main features. The points should encompass her eyes and mouth. When talking with each other, move your gaze from one point on the triangle to another every five to 10 seconds.

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