What does the iHome mirror do?

The distortion free mirror is ideal for the best beauty routine and detailed grooming. Bright accent LEDs with high and low settings provide natural looking light for a look that’s right in any situation. Stream audio wirelessly via Bluetooth from your mobile device.

Why won’t my iHome mirror connect to my phone?

I can’t pair my mirror to my Bluetooth-enabled device. Press and Hold the Bluetooth Button on the mirror for 10 seconds to clear a previous connection. Once cleared, attempt to pair again.

How do I connect my iHome mirror to reflect?

How do I connect my mirror via Bluetooth? Press and release the power / Bluetooth button to turn the speaker ON. When the mirror is ON, press and hold the power / Bluetooth button for pairing mode, indicated by the blinking BLUE LED. Select “iHome iCVBT7” on your device’s Bluetooth menu to connect.

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How do I connect iHome reflection to Bluetooth?

Press and hold the Bluetooth Pairing Button (on the back of the unit) for 3 seconds. The blinking icon on the front panel will indicate the unit is in pairing mode. Select ‘iHome Reflect TRIFOLD’ on your device’s Bluetooth menu to connect. The icon will glow solid to confirm your device is connected.

How do I connect my iHome to my phone?

» Make your Bluetooth device “discoverable” » Power on speaker » The first time the unit is powered on it will enter auto-pairing mode. » To manually pair, press and hold Bluetooth Button for 2 sec. » Select “iHome iBT620” on your device’s Bluetooth menu to complete pairing.

How do you connect Bluetooth to a mirror?

Simply touch the power button on the mirror. On your Bluetooth-enabled device, select “Electric Mirror” in your Bluetooth settings. Your device will be paired to the mirror when the blinking white sync light turns solid white. Once paired, start your music via your device.

How do I get my Bluetooth mirror to work?

You simply touch the power button on the Bluetooth mirror, then on your phone, or other Bluetooth enabled device you are streaming from, select the mirror from the Bluetooth device list.

How do I connect mirror to WIFI?

Just download The Mirror app and follow the prompts on your phone, and on the Mirror itself. You pair The Mirror with your app by connecting your phone to a Wi-Fi network the Mirror sends out.

Is an iHome mirror Bluetooth?

iHome Beauty REFLECT II Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth, Speakerphone, and USB Charging.

Is iHome only for iPhones?

iHome – Wireless Speaker System for Apple® iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® – Silver.

Does iHome only work with iPhones?

iHome Connect (Works with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and requires iOS 4.0 or later)

Is iHome only for Apple?

Search. A: This item only works with Apple products. A: If it is plugged into your IPad.

Is iHome discontinued?

Notice: iHome Control Cloud Service Termination (April 2, 2022)

Is iHome a Chinese company?

Founded in 1956 as Realite and later Soundesign, SDI Technologies is proudly American owned and operated. Under the iHome and Timex brands, it designs, manufactures, and markets a broad range of consumer electronics that set new standards for quality and innovation in various categories.

Does iHome still exist?

Astonishingly, many are still being sold, but as they require the iHome app, which no longer exists, they simply will not work.

Who is iHome made by?

SDI Technologies is an American Rahway, New Jersey-based consumer electronics manufacturer whose products are marketed under several national brands, including Timex, eKids, KIDdesigns, and iHome.

Is iHome an American company?

iHome was founded in 2005 and is based in New York, United States.

What app do you use for iHome?

The iHome Control app is the perfect way to control your iHome SmartPlug right from your Android device, from virtually anywhere in the world from your Android phone or tablet.

Does iHome connect to Bluetooth?

Most iHome products are designed to automatically be compatible with other Apple products. But some many not be aware that they also work well with Android and Windows. As long as your device has Bluetooth, it’s a breeze to pair these devices up.

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