What is another word for natural beauty?

What is another word for natural beauty?

What is unique called in French?

/ynik/ (seul) qui est seul. only. être fils / fille unique to be an only son/daughter.

What is French for beautiful girl?

the beautiful girl (pretty girl; doll; manequin)

la jolie fille; le mannequin. jolie fille [la ~] noun.

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What is the prettiest French word?

15 Most Beautiful Words in French
  • Douceur.
  • Feuilleter.
  • Onirique.
  • Flâner.
  • Chuchoter.
  • Rêvasser.
  • Éphémère.
  • Émerveiller.

What French name means beauty?

Belle is a French word which means ‘beautiful’. It is a lovely name for girls.

How do you compliment a girl in French?

Compliments In French
  1. You are cute! — Tu es mignonne !
  2. You have beautiful eyes. — Tu as de beaux yeux.
  3. You are very nice. — Tu es très sympa.
  4. I love your smile, it’s so charming.
  5. I like your new haircut.
  6. I like this color, it really suits you!
  7. That’s what I call smart!
  8. You are a great cook!

How do you tell a French girl she is beautiful?

Tu es vraiment beau/belle ! tyɛ vɾɛmə bo/bɛlə ! You look gorgeous! Tu es superbe !

How do you say pretty girl?

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What is sassy girl in French?

impertinent, insolent. girl noun. fille, jeune fille, nana, copine, petite amie. See Also in French. fille noun.

What is French for adorable?

Declension of the adjective adorable adorable, delightful, cuddly

What is a serene girl?

adjective. Someone or something that is serene is calm and quiet. She looked as calm and serene as she always did.

What is smart girl in French?

Fille intelligente. She’s a smart girl. Elle est intelligente. You’re a smart girl.

What is beautiful little girl in French?

She’s a beautiful little girl. C’est une belle petite fille. Atafeh, my beautiful little girl. Atafeh Atafeh, ma belle petite fille.

Is Belle French for beauty?

Beau/belle is the most common way to say “beautiful” in French. Beau describes a masculine noun, and belle describes feminine noun. So to say “a beautiful woman”, you would say une belle femme. And to say “a beautiful man”, you would say un bel homme.

What are some beautiful French phrases?

9 Beautiful French Proverbs That Will Impress
  • 1. “ Qui vivra verra”
  • 2. “ L’habit ne fait pas le moine”
  • 3. “ Chacun voit midi à sa porte”
  • 4. “ Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir”
  • 5. “ Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid”
  • 6. “ Qui court deux lievres a la fois, n’en prend aucun”
  • 7. “ Qui n’avance pas, recule”
  • 8. “

What is C est la vie?

The expression is pronounced ‘say-la-VEE’ with the stress on the third word. It means ‘such is life‘ or ‘that’s life’.

What’s the meaning of La Vie Est Belle?

French quote.

What is a famous French saying?

Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup.

Literal translation: “Eat well, laugh often, love a lot.” Actual meaning: “Live life to the fullest” or carpe diem (“seize the day”). Use this positive French saying to console a friend that is having a hard time.

What is a French love quote?

Je t’aime plus que le jour – I love you more than the day. Je t’aime de toute mon âme – I love you with all of my soul. Je t’adore – I adore you. In French, it means something more like “I like you very very much” and is used as something in between “Je t’aime” and “Je t’aime bien.”

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