What to do when Pilea gets too tall?

If your plant is tall and top-heavy, trim off the top portion to propagate on its own; this can spur new growth and offsets in the mother plant. For a fuller-looking plant, simply leave the offsets in the soil or on the stem (removing them only to encourage growth).

Can you cut back a Pilea?

Chinese money plant pruning should be done on a very limited basis, because you don’t want to interfere with the natural rounded look of this plant. However, cutting Pilea peperomioides can be done if you want to keep it bushy and short. You can trim off a lot of the stem and see vigorous new growth very quickly.

How do you keep Pilea short and bushy?

Dead leaves should regularly be removed to encourage a bushy plant! Pinching off brown or yellow leaves will encourage new growth.

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Do Pilea like tight pots?

Best Containers for Pileas

A pot that is too small will not allow room for roots to grow, worsening the root bound problem. On the other hand, a pot that is too large will give the plant too much soil and cause it to dry out more slowly, something that Pileas hate.

Why is my Pilea so floppy?

Not enough water. This is the most common cause of droopy leaves. When Pilea plants are left to dry out too long between watering sessions, the roots don’t have access to enough water to redirect to the leaves.

How do I make my Pilea bushier?

If the Pilea you desire is full and bushy, this is usually achieved in one of two ways. The first is by planting multiple Pileas in the same container. The second is by clipping the top off of your plant. The big, full, beautiful Pileas you’ve seen on Instagram are rarely a single stalked plant.

How do you promote Pilea pups?

How to encourage pilea to grow pups
  1. Treat it well.
  2. Move it to a brighter spot.
  3. Chop the top.
  4. Fertilize.
  5. Remove dead leaves.
  6. Remove existing babies.
  7. Keep the soil uncovered.
  8. Move to a larger pot.

How do I keep my Chinese money plant small?

Bright indirect sunlight is best, so make sure he is near a good source of light, a big bright window and he will be happy. Low light levels can cause them to grow tall and leggy. Keep those leaves dust-free so it can get all the light it needs too.

How do you cut Pilea pups off?

When you are ready to cut off a pup, be aware that the root system is very delicate. There is no need to tug or pull on the pup. Gently cut the pup where it meets the dirt and it should come right up. Once you have cut it off, you can either stick the pup in water or pot it in dirt.

Should I remove Pilea babies?

Pilea pups should only be removed once they are 2-3” tall. At that point, the plant will be big enough that it can handle the transition from one container to the next. When you are in doubt over whether your Pilea baby is ready to move, wait a bit longer.

Does Pilea like to be root bound?

Pilea Peperomioides do not prefer to be root bound. To ensure they don’t end up that way, Pileas should be repotted every two years to a container that is one to three inches larger in diameter than the pot they were previously living in.

Where do you cut Pilea babies?

Step one: Locate small offsets, or baby Pileas, at the base of the plant. You will find these below the main stalk— if you’re plant doesn’t have any, hold off! They will sprout up soon. Step two: Using a clean blade, cut an offset at the base or closest to the soil as possible.

How long does it take a Pilea to make babies?

Some Pileas start producing pups after one year, while others take much longer. If you are trying to encourage new pups from your Pilea, you’ll have to wait until the plant becomes mature first.

Can you put Pilea pups in soil?

When you cut them off the main plant, Pilea pups don’t have any root structure. They could theoretically grow roots if you stick them straight into soil. But you’d need to find the right moisture balance in soil. If the soil is too soggy, the stem of the plant will rot and get mushy.

Do you water Pilea from the top or bottom?

When top watering, you want to water until about 20% of the water you put in runs out the bottom drainage hole. For bottom watering, you’ll want to leave it in water for long enough that the top layer of soil becomes damp. I have done both top and bottom watering with my Pileas.

How do I know if my Pilea is happy?

Pilea peperomioides care requirements

If Pilea is happy, it may produce small white flowers on pink-tinged stems. You can consider your thumb very green if the plant comes into flower. That means you’ve done everything right! Signs of a healthy plant also include leaves that are a rich green with a crisp texture.

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