Where are robust lathes made?

All Robust lathes and accessories are made in Barneveld, Wisconsin by skilled craftsmen earning a living wage. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the products you receive.

What is Robust Tool?

All of the tool rests from Robust Tools feature a hardened steel rod on the top surface to provide a smooth surface for tool travel. It will never nick or ding and will never need to be filed. All the Robust Rests have a 1″ diameter post except the Mini Rests that have a 5/8″ diameter post.

Where are Harvey lathes made?

Harvey manufactures woodworking machines and is headquartered in Nanjing, China. Harvey has a division known as Harvey Works that imports premium US and European made woodworking equipment for sale to China’s growing middle class.

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Are any lathes still made in the USA?

With Summit’s own American designs, our lathes proudly carry on the tradition of American machine tools.

Who makes the best metal lathe?

Best Metal Lathes in 2022
  1. Eastwood Benchtop Mini Metal Lathe. Eastwood benchtop mini metal lathe.
  2. TECHTONGDA Inch Thread Metal Lathe. TECHTONGDA Inch Thread Metal Lathe.
  3. Grizzly G0602. Grizzly G0602 metal lathe.
  4. JET BDB-919. JET BDB-919 metal lathe.
  5. KENT MLX-2060T – Best Industrial Metal Lathe.

Where are Harvey tools manufactured?

We utilize advanced CNC grinding technology to manufacture our miniature tools at our plant in Maine.

Where is Harvey machinery made?

In 2013, John met Jack Xu, owner of Harvey Industries, a China based manufacturer established in 1999, that successfully sells woodworking machinery in over 100 countries worldwide.

Are Harvey lathes good?

The lathe is very well made and I was pleasantly surprised at the fit and finish. This is the same as the Grizzly go800 with a different motor and electronics. The motor is very strong and I had zero trouble coring with the easy core. The head and tail-stock lined up perfectly.

Are South Bend lathes made in USA?

Company once made 47% of engine lathes in U.S.

John and Miles O’Brien are two of a few South Bend business founders whose product is still being manufactured in the United States.

When did South Bend Lathe go out of business?

In the 1970s, faced by imports from lower-wage economies, profits at South Bend Lathe dropped along with the decline of the American machine tool industry. In December 1974, soon after the United Steelworkers won what they thought was a lucrative labor contract, Amsted Industries decided to liquidate the company.

Are grizzly lathes made in China?

Many of the lathes sold by Grizzly, Harbour Freight, Enco, MSC, Smithy, and others as “their” brands really all come from the same sources, and they just stick their labels on the machines. Most of the lower-end lathes and mills come from either Taiwan or China.

Who bought South Bend Lathe?

Changes continued after the war. In 1959 American Steel, later known as Amsted Industries, of Chicago, Illinois, bought South Bend Lathe Works with its workforce of 360.

Do they still make South Bend lathes?

The passion which the O’Brien brothers had when they founded South Bend Lathes continues today and we are proud to boast that we have the largest selection of premium quality manual lathes in the world.

How can I tell how old my South Bend Lathe is?

South Bend Lathe serial numbers are stamped on the front tailstock end of the bed, between the flat and V-ways. Records show that lathes were first numbered sequentially, beginning approximately, with number 700, in July 1910.

Is Monarch lathe company still in business?

Monarch Lathes has been supplying the world with high quality, manual metal cutting equipment since 1909. Headquartered in Sidney, Ohio, Monarch continues the tradition of delivering only the highest quality manual machines along with rebuild and support services that meet or exceed our own OEM specifications.

Where are precision Matthews lathe made?

Made in Taiwan – Precision Matthews Machinery Co.

Where are Lion engine lathes made?

Our 30,000 square foot facility is located in Ontario, California, where we stock over 70 machines in our inventory. Best known for its heavy duty construction, rigidity, and reliability, LION has established itself on the market as a high quality European manual lathe at affordable prices.

Where are Powermatic wood lathes made?

From a family operated corn milling operation in McMinnville, TN to today’s 400,000 square foot facility in LaVergne, TN, the evolution of Powermatic has echoed the success of American business ingenuity throughout the 20th Century and into the new millennium.

Is Powermatic made in China?

iTECH woodworking tools are made in the U.K. Channellock, DeWalt, Briggs & Stratton, Delta and Baileigh, were initially made in U.S.A., now, many of the parts are made in other countries with woodworking machines being assembled in the U.S.A. Powermatic, Jet and Grizzly are made in Taiwan, China.

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